Definitions for "zine"
Keywords:  ezine, magazine, mdash, webzines, salon
A publication similar to a magazine{4} but in electronic rather than printed form, maintained as data files on a computer and accessible via the world wide web.
see Ezine
a small, self-published journal of interest only to the publisher and a few of his or her friends
Keywords:  diary, handmade, booklet, report, issue
a handmade booklet that can be as personal as a diary or as objective as a report on a current issue
an independently created publication
a publication, usually photocopied, that is produced as a labor of love by someone who has something interesting to say
Keywords:  outlet, creative, mind, person
a person's creative outlet of the mind
an original form of literature for at least all the reasons listed below and probably for many more I can't think of at present
Keywords:  volume, distributed, low, periodic
a low-volume, periodic distributed to