Definitions for "Imprint"
To stamp or mark, as letters on paper, by means of type, plates, stamps, or the like; to print the mark (figures, letters, etc., upon something).
Whatever is impressed or imprinted; the impress or mark left by something; specifically, the name of the printer or publisher (usually) with the time and place of issue, in the title-page of a book, or on any printed sheet.
N., A mark made by pressing, - V., To make a mark by pressing
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To fix indelibly or permanently, as in the mind or memory; to impress.
To place a postage impression on an item of mail. (empreindre)
a concavity in a surface produced by pressing; "he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud"
see dealer imprint; also, in outdoor advertising, refers to the small sign at the bottom (or top) of an outdoor poster identifying the owner of the billboard.
Small identification sign placed on the molding or skirt of an outdoor structure, stating the name of the outdoor company that owns it.
Name of the outdoor media provider attached to the advertising structure.
a hawk raised by people that ceases to identify with hawks of its own species. Generallly cannot be released to the wild.
This reflects the year in which the copyright was gained, which may not be the year the title was released.
Imprint is the second and last album by Roadrunner Records metalcore, hardcore band Vision of Disorder, released on July 14 1998.
Korkopuristus, painojälki Avtryck see Emboss
"Imprint" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Masters of Horror. It aired in North America on February 25, 2006. It was originally scheduled to premiere on January 27, 2006 but was shelved by Showtime due to concerns over its extremely graphic and disturbing content, which features torture, incest and abortions.
The process by which a logo/artwork is transferred onto the surface of an item.
A logo or message that is transferred onto a promotional product. The type of imprint used is quite often determined by the material the product is made from.
An area on the product that can be customized with your company name, logo and advertising message.
an instant learning experience, through words you tell yourself or hear from a significant or important other person
a powerful, emotional, single impact learning experience that can affect a person, in many cases for a lifetime
a significant experience or period of life from the past in which a person formed a belief or cluster of beliefs, often in relationship to one's identity
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The process of learning to recognize 'mom'. If the natural mother is not around then the first persistent contact will become mom. In ducks the stage when imprinting can occur only lasts about 24 hours after hatching.
When a fawn or mother realize who the other is, and only responds to each other.
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A bird that has been hand reared and is confused as to whether it is a bird or a human.
Usually refers to hand reared birds socially imprinted
A learned process which defines the identity of a bird to that which it sees when its eyes first focus. Imprinted birds cannot survive in the wild and do not breed naturally.
a distinctive influence; "English stills bears the imprint of the Norman invasion"
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A mark on the road or other surface made without sliding by a rolling tire or a person's foot.  An imprint usually shows the pattern of the tire tread or shoe that made it.
A mark or depression made by pressure.
a message received by the subconscious at the time of emotional stress
groups information relating to the publication or distribution of a bibliographic item.
See Publication Distribution Area
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a type of fossil in which a film of carbon remains after the other elements of an organism have decayed
A manufacturer's trademark generally found on the inside.
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a two-dimensional pattern
a mental stimulant that causes a change in behavioral responses
To create or acquire (a behavioral pattern) by the process of imprinting.
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a device produced by pressure on a surface