Definitions for "BIP"
Behavior Intervention Plan. A behavior intervention plan is comprised of practical and specific strategies designed to increase or reduce a definable set or pattern of behaviors. These strategies address preventive techniques, teaching replacement behaviors, and how to react to the behavior of concern. The BIP is often developed in conjunction with a functional behavioral assessment (FBA).
Behavior Improvement Plan – strategies, including positive behavioral interventions, to address and support the child's behavior in the school environment
Behavioral Intervention Plan (sometimes referred to as a Behavior Management Plan or a Behavior Support Plan). A BIP includes practical and specific strategies and positive supports designed to increase or reduce certain behaviors.
Band Interleaved by Pixel. A format for data storage. See Chapter 5.
An error-detection technique in which character bit patterns are forced into parity, so that the total number of one bits is always odd or always even. This is accomplished by the addition of a one or zero bit to each byte, as the byte is transmitted; at the other end of the transmission, the receiving device verifies the parity (odd or even) and the accuracy of the transmission.
Bit Interleaved Parity
Books in Print; a publication or database from R.R. Bowker Company.
An acronym which stands for Books in Print, an electronic database which indexes (by author, title, and subject) books currently available for purchase. BIP is available through GALILEO.
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ehavioral ntervention lan
Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Pruneau
Basic Imaging Profile for Bluetooth BIP is a unified standard for image data transfer via the Bluetooth communication channel.
Bip is a comedy channel which was founded in 2002 and is currently included on the channel pack of the Israeli digital system Hot.
Bridge Inspection Program. A FHWA program that inventories and inspects the condition of all bridges in the Federal-Aid Highway system. An evaluation of each bridge's load-carrying capacity is performed to determine if any deficiencies exist, and if necessary, appropriate action such as warning signs, bridge closing, rehabilitation or replacement, is taken.
Border Inspection Post
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BiP Solutions Ltd
Blood is Power. One of the most popular skills in the game, belongs to Necromancers.
see Booster Integration Building
Behaviour Improvement Programme
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Standardized protocol that lets a SIM card communicate directly with a remote server.
Background Intellectual Property
Blue Ink Project. The equivalent of a document (in Microsoft Word) that for Blue Ink holds all information relating to a users project and database.