Definitions for "United States This"
a handy reference especially for those who don't know much about writing cover letters and who haven't ever been to a career counselor
a MUST HAVE for any physician, counselor, support person, or health care provider
an adorable feel-good movie
Keywords:  enjoyable, great, book, slacker, juicer
a beautiful film that you'll enjoy watching again and again
a book that you will not forget
a fun read for fans of the series, but even then, I'd suggest checking this book out from the library rather than buying it
Keywords:  saga, chilly, plagued, captain, prone
a chilly saga of an American sub captain plagued by failure-prone weapons and an ocean full of Japanese to fight
Keywords:  disney, fan
a must have for the Disney fan
Keywords:  czars, dynasty, russian, cool, website
a cool website on the Russian dynasty especially about Czars
an excellent grammar
an excellent selection of music
Keywords:  irish, viewing
a must viewing for anyone that is Irish
a well-written and interesting history of copyright as it applies to digital works
Keywords:  review, write, painful
a painful review to write