Definitions for "Million Little Pieces"
a book Oprah says you must read
a book that promises to have a long-lasting impact
a book that was written by James Frey and an honorary member of the oh so glorious Oprah book club
a bit more fragmentary, but still worth reading
a darkly fascinating read, an illicit stroll into a hopeless territory which many enter, and from which few return
a good, quick read that explores a life pulling
a compendium of "bullshit fantasies" about a life few of its readers have experienced, one redolent with crack binges, alcohol-fueled rages, violent outbursts, self-mutilation, multiple arrests, and several deaths
a million little pages of bullshit
Keywords:  ballsy, thump, chest, system
a ballsy chest thump against the system
Keywords:  unforgettable, account
an unforgettable account
Keywords:  bunch
a bunch of bs
Keywords:  extraordainry, piece, work
an extraordainry piece of work
Keywords:  fraud
a fraud after all
an open need for love and a sometimes childlike openness
Keywords:  larg
a rather larg