Definitions for "Addict"
Addicted; devoted.
To apply habitually; to devote; to habituate; -- with to.
A person who cannot stop using an addictive substance without some degree of physical, mental and/or emotional distress. Behavior is often characterized as revolving totally around the acquiring and use of the addictive substance to such a point as to block out all other needs or responsibilities as well as the consequences of neglecting physical health and social responsibilities and legal constraints.
Addict is the first soundtrack from the anime series FLCL. Most of the music is by Japanese lo-fi rock group the pillows. The rest is by Shinkichi Mitsumune, a composer.
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a con artist, a thief and a liar
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a professional native VCL component suite that provides end-to-end solutions for adding spelling check and thesaurus support to your applications
an individual whose life is dependent and restricted by their aspiration to continue following the same behavior patterns
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a slave to his/her habit(s)
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To adapt; to make suitable; to fit.
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n. you and me