Definitions for "PARanoia"
A chronic form of insanity characterized by very gradual impairment of the intellect, systematized delusion, and usually by delusions of persecution or mandatory delusions producing homicidal tendency. In its mild form paranoia may consist in the well-marked crotchetiness exhibited in persons commonly called "cranks." Paranoiacs usually show evidences of bodily and nervous degeneration, and many have hallucinations, esp. of sight and hearing.
A state of guarded emotion and suspiciousness.
The general term for delusions of persecution, of grandiosity, or both; found in several pathological conditions, delusional disorders, paranoid schizophrenia, and paranoid personality disorder. It can also be produced by large doses of certain drugs, such as cocaine or alcohol.
Unwarranted suspicion of the motives of others; -- used colloquially in a non-technical sense.
Suspicion and fear of someone else that is not based on fact.
extreme suspicion.
When a person feels distrustful of others. He may believe someone is out to get him or hurt him in some way.
an unreasonable feeling of distrust; thinking that everyone is out to get you
Paranoia is a humorous role-playing game set in a dystopian future similar to 1984, Brazil, Brave New World, the "downunder" civilization of A Boy and His Dog, and especially Logan's Run; however, the tone of the game is rife with black humor, frequently tongue-in-cheek rather than dark and heavy. The game is set in Alpha Complex, an immense and futuristic domed or underground city (GM's decision) controlled by The Computer, a schizophrenic civil service AI. The Computer has made happiness mandatory.
Thoughts involving suspicousness or exaggerated feelings of unfair treatment or harassment.
an obssessive thought about something
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