Definitions for "Distraction"
Excessive space between fracture fragments or vertebral segments due to interposed tissue or, most often, axial forces.
Distraction occurs when, without rupture of their supporting ligaments or without displacement, the joint surfaces are separated, or when there is too much space between fracture fragments because of interfering tissue, etc. Also refers to the surgical separation, after a bone is transversely divided, of the two parts of a bone.
Excessive space between structures such as vertebral bones. It is usually due to interposed tissue or stretching forces.
That which diverts attention; a diversion.
A diversity of direction; detachment.
State in which the attention is called in different ways; confusion; perplexity.
Agitation from violent emotions; perturbation of mind; despair.
Derangement of the mind; madness.
A deluded mental factor that wanders to any object of delusion. See Understanding the Mind.
an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations
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An attempt by a defender to distract the shooter while they are attempting a shot. [ More Info] See Also: Defense Related Terms: Bush League, Taunt
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The act of distracting; a drawing apart; separation.