Definitions for "Obsessions"
A persistent thought, idea or feeling that intrudes on conscious awareness, and which are acknowledged as intrusive. Back to the top
intrusive and inappropriate thoughts or images that are difficult to suppress.
Uncontrollable, intrusive, and recurring thoughts, images, ideas, or impulses that an individual feels intrude upon his or her consciousness, and that cause significant anxiety or distress because of the irrational nature of the obsessions.
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Obsessions is the second single off the album A New Morning by Suede, released on November 18, 2002 on Columbia Records. Though the single was another disappointment on the charts, the title track is considered a favorite from this era among fans. The single had various producers: "Obsessions", "Cool Thing" and "ABC Song" were produced by Stephen Street, "Instant Sunshine" was produced by Suede and Alex Silva, "UFO" was produced by Suede and Cameron Craig, "Rainy Day Girl" was produced by Suede and Sean Genockey while "Hard Candy" was produced by Tony Hoffer.
Obsessions is the third album by gothic rock band Corpus Delicti. The album contains a cover of the song "Atmosphere" by Joy Division. It was remastered and re-released in 1997 with bonus tracks.