Definitions for "Separation"
Negative film created from a full color image for use in Process printing.
The process of converting an image to CMYK. Each PIXEL in the image is analyzed for color and reduced to the four primary colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Separation is a complex process that can be done in one of many ways, depending on the type of printing press that will be used to print the final piece and the type of paper it will be printed on. (Analyzing an image and reducing it to other COLOR MODELS, such as Hexachrome, is sometimes called "separation" as well.) A DRUM SCANNER performs color separation as it scans the image.
Conversion of images to CMYK (for printing). Also used to refer to the physical negatives created for each of the CMYK colours.
All aircraft are managed by ATC to ensure that the distances between them never fall below certain prescribed minima (– AIRPROX).Vertical separation between two aircraft must be at least 1000 ft (– RVSM). Horizontal separation in Switzerland is normally 3 NM (nautical miles) in the vicinity of airports, and 5 NM in other airspace.
Spacing of aircraft while landing and taking off at airports to achieve safe and orderly movement in flight. The horizontal and vertical spacing of aircraft working over or near a wildfire or other incident. Spacing of personnel while performing line construction activities.
The spacing between aircraft, altitudes, or tracks. Fr: espacemen
When spouses no longer co-habitate or live together
An agreement between a couple to live apart, but remain married.
An arrangement in which the persons from a married couple live apart. They don't live anymore in the same dwelling even if they continue their relationship.
This process divides or separates a mixture of particles or liquids into separate components.
The process of separating liquid and gas hydrocarbons and water. This is typically accomplished in a pressure vessel at the surface, but newer technologies allow separation to occur in the wellbore under certain conditions.
Action of separating solids or liquids from fluids. May be accomplished by impingement, filtration or by coalescing. Term "separation" is used by some to refer to separation of liquids also used to describe the action in the second stage of two-stage separation.
The tendency of coarse aggregate to separate from the concrete and accumulate at one side as concrete passes from the unconfined ends of chutes, conveyor belts, or similar arrangements. See segregation.
The breaking up or segregation of two or more integral parts of a mixture into its component parts. In a varnish,this may take the form of the resin becoming insoluble in the other ingredients. In a paint or enamel, it may mean that a clear liquid portion forms above the pigmented portion. In liquid,there may be a segregation of layers of component liquids.
In concrete application, when concrete is dropped directly with a flat chute causing the concrete to separate, usually occurring at a 1:2 slope.
In stereo operation, the degree the information on one channel is away from the other. It is expressed in decibels. The higher the dB number is, the better.
Stereo separation is a measure of the success in isolating left and right channel stereo signals. The higher the dB specification the better.
A measure of the independence of the channels in a multichannel system. It tells us how much unwanted signal leaks into any of the channels. In practice, from the point of view of maintaining good sound image localization, 20 dB or more channel separation is required.
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Separation: this feeling stems from the faulty belief you are a physical body instead of the Eternal Self, the Christ, the Buddha, and /or God living in a body. Hence, you feel separate from your brothers and sisters and separate from God when you believe this illusion. The truth is you have always been one with your brothers and sisters and have always been one with God. You just thought you were not and the law of the mind is, whatever you think is the reality you live in.
the belief in sin that affirms an identity separate from our Creator; seemed to happen once, and the thought system which arose from that idea is represented by the ego; results in a world of perception and form, of pain, suffering, and death, real in time, but unknown in eternity.
The discharge, transfer or death of a patient from hospital. The count of separations is similar to the count of admissions in acute hospitals.
Another term for patient discharge.
When an inpatient leaves hospital to return home, transfers to another institution, or dies. See also admission.
The use of bulbs and corms in propagation that utilizes the naturally detachable parts.
A vegetative propagation procedure which utilizes the production of naturally detachable structures.
"is when two Planets have been in Conjunction or Aspect and are going from it as Jupiter in 6 degrees of Aries and Mars in 7 degrees; here Mars separates himself from Jupiter; but yet he is not quite separated from him till they are distant from each other 8 degrees 30 minutes, which is the moiety of both their Orbs; what their Orbs and Aspects are." [PA
Moving away from the partile (exact aspect). As the planet separates, the aspect becomes weaker. In Horary Astrology, it indicates events just past, or that the matter under inquiry will not eventuate.
The number, which goes hand-in-hand with modulo, to indicate the number of frames in each group. On all Pick systems, this defaults to one. Some schools of thought contend that it should be greater than one in some circumstances, but this again is like discussing religion or politics. Pick Systems (the company) has been trying to remove separation altogether for quite a while; on many implementations, if you change the separation to something other than one, with the intent of resizing the file, the system thinks that you were just kidding and changes it back to one for you.
A term used to describe the pick up of a desired signal compared to the pick up of an undesired signal.
the function of a geotextile as a partition between two dissimilar geotechnical materials, eg soil and gravel. The geotextile prevents intermixing of the two materials throughout the design life of the structure.
Whitespace inserted between textual areas in an input file for the purpose of enhancing readability. Typically separation is inserted between columns in a list or between fields in a `set', `guess', or `local' line in a FEFFIT input file. Different textual areas in input files use different, user-configurable rules to determine the type and amount of whitespace.
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The sorting of mail sacks and parcels within the storage car before transferring to trucks
sorting one thing from others; "the separation of wheat from chaff"; "the separation of mail by postal zones"
The process of sorting materials by their physical properties.
A general term that includes discharge, release from active duty, transfer to the Fleet Reserve or Retired List, release from custody and control of the military services, transfer to the Individual Ready Reserve, and similar changes in active or Reserve status.
The instant at which a satellite is released from its launcher.
In the U.S. armed forces, separation means that a person is leaving active duty, but not necessarily leaving the service entirely. Separation typically occurs when someone reaches the date of their Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) and are released from active duty, but still must complete their military reserve obligations. Upon separation, they receive form DD214, which indicates their former and future status.
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Splitting of the cytoplasm by cytokinesis (= cytokinesis).
Separation is the date when a student ceases being enrolled at least half-time. This is the time when a loan officially ends its initial "in-school" period, which can occur because of graduation, withdrawal, termination, or enrollment of less than half-time.
Reduction of enrollment to less than 6 credits per semester, leave of absence, graduation, or failure to register in consecutive terms. This may initiate repayment of loans.
the ratio of sample or test standard deviation, corrected for estimation error, to the statistically averaged measure standard error.
the ratio of sample or test standard deviation, corrected for estimation error, to the average estimation error.
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In Victorian history, refers to the separation of Port Phillip from New South Wales to become a separate colony.
A procedure by which one substance is separated from another. Examples of separations include recrystallization, distillation, and chromatography.
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the distance between things; "fragile items require separation and cushioning"
a hard thing to talk about
The distance a bowler allows between the standing position and where the ball should be placed on the lane in order to hit the target.
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A method for controlling combined sewer overflow whereby the combined sewer is separated into both a sanitary sewer and a storm drain, as is the practice in new development.
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the state of lacking unity
The time difference between the flight of a pair of trick catch boomerangs during the Trick Catch/Doubling event; the greater the separation, the easier the second catch will be to make
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An orthodontic procedure for slightly separating or spacing teeth, to seat bands or orthodontic attachments.
the space where a division or parting occurs; "he hid in the separation between walls"
The general form of the world produced by the paramount social separation in classes, between the minority which possesses the world and the majority which is submitted to it.
the difference, in kHz, between the repeater's transmit and receive frequencies. Conventional separations by amateur band are: 29 MHz - 100 kHz; 50 MHz - 1 MHz; 144 MHz - 600 kHz; 220 MHz - 1.6 MHz; 440 MHz - 5 MHz; 902 MHz - 13 MHz; 1270 MHz - 12 MHz.
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See crawling.
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Involves emptying the cask to separate the wine from the remains of the grapes.
of powers -- The system of dividing the powers and duties of a government into different branches.
of Powers: The distribution of power and authority among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the government.
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The act of separating, or the state of being separated, or separate.
the act of dividing or disconnecting
breaks business and love relationships
an ultimate decision to end the relationship
The effect of minimising leakage when recording.
Formation of two or more phases in paints when stored or heated. Can be caused by loss of compatibility between polymer components or by pigment separation.
separation of components on the basis of size, density, etc.
The specific process of particles being presented to apertures and being rejected if larger than the opening or passed through if smaller.
The process children go through as they grow up and become independent from their parents. Children often have strong feelings about separating from their families, and providers can help children understand and express these feelings.
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The operation of removing water from steam.
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the social act of separating or parting company; "the separation of church and state"
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Chemical analysis.
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a useful cooling period, and a time to take stock
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Service Mark
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See: Source separation.