Definitions for "Bridging"
Wood or metal members that are placed between trusses and joints in an angled position intended to spread the loads.
bracing that is installed diagonally between floor joist or wall studs at the mid span which stiffen the structure.
Structural member used to give weak axis stability to bar joists.
Amplifier-to- loudspeaker connection method that converts a stereo amplifier into a monoblock power amplifier. One amplifier channel amplifies the positive half of the waveform, the other channel amplifies the negative half. The loudspeaker is connected as the "bridge" between the two amplifier channels.
The act of connecting a (typically) high input impedance device in shunt across a transmission line or signal path to monitor or sample a signal.
In a multi-channel amplifier, the connection of two channels to drive a single load. The input signal is split, and then the phase of one of the signals is inverted. The non-inverted signal is sent to the left amplifier and the inverted signal is sent to the right amplifier (L+R-). The load is connected between the two outputs so it receives twice the voltage at a given input level. The resultant power is much greater than the two 4-ohm channels combined.
(1) Use of a payong (umbrella) to parry and bridge the gap between you and the opponent. (2) A section in the San Miguel Form. (3) An advanced form in the San Miguel Eskrima system.
Occurrence where a primer will not fill a sand scratch or imperfection. This may not show in the prime coat but will show in the topcoat. Also a term used to describe paint applied to a surface that extends to an adjacent panel when the film thickness becomes thick enough for the paint to "bridge" the gap.
The covering (bridging) of a crack or gap in the substrate with finish. This condition produces a weak area that can cause finish failure.
Where particles being removed from an arch over the individual opening of the medium.
The transfer of stress from a yielding part of a soil mass to adjoining less yielding or restrained parts of the mass. Bridging is usually considered when designing slot cut widths or arching between soldier piles.
Interconnecting local area networks at the OSI Data Link Layer, filtering and forwarding frames according to media access control (MAC) addresses.
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Activities designed to introduce girls within an age level to what lies ahead in the next program level. Designed to show progression from one Girl Scout age level to the next.
A ceremony in which girl is given her honorable discharge from the troop.
The moving from one program age level of Girl Scouting to the next.
A method of reroofing with metric-sized shingles.
A method of reroofing where the new shingles follow the contour of the old roofing. Also called "butting up". It is almost always desirable to tear off old roofing.
A method of re-roofing with metric-sized shingles.
Material-handling problem characterized by the particulate forming a cavity over the discharge or opening of a hopper or storage vessel.
Blockage of dust across an opening such as a hopper outlet or between bags.
Wood fuel in a storage bin, hopper, or conveying system that supports itself although the fuel beneath has moved. One of the most common problems associated with wood­ handling systems.
Where solder joins two or more conductive parts that are not intended to be connected.
A condition that generally happens during the wave soldering operation where excess solder builds up and shorts out the adjacent traces.
An unintentional mechanical and electrical short between two component terminals or solder pads.
The process of connecting one telephone network connection to another. Bridging decreases the processing load on the system since an active bridge does not require speech processing, database access, host activity, and so on, for the transaction.
Connecting dedicated sites and/or dial-up sites from any location via a MCU.
This scaffolding technique provides a personal connection between the learner and the theme of the class, and taps into the student's prior knowledge relevant to the class theme. Brainstorming about a topic prior to a lesson is an example of bridging.
when the membrane is unsupported at a juncture.
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Bridging provides LAN to LAN frame forwarding services between two or more LANs. Frames from one LAN are forwarded across a bridge to a connected LAN, although filtering can be employed to selectively forward frames.
Allows different LAN segments to communicate via PPP by creating a database of source and destination routes between networks.
A compositor is said to have "bridged" if he fails to appear at the appointed time to put the line on, and forwards no reason for his absence.
1. Bridging occurs in water softening when salt sticks together to form one large solid mass of pellets, or by the salt caking in a dry-salt brine tank which causes failure of the liquid or brine beneath the dry salt to become saturated. The result of bridging is insufficient salt in the regenerant solution to properly regenerate the cation resin.
the process of transitioning an answer to an interviewer's question into a message that the interviewee wants to discuss
Turning an inbound-call (for instance a technical question, a bank transfer) into a product-sales talk.
a) When foil fills in on lettering due to smallness of letters or reversed lettering with a solid background; see filmy. b) When excess printed foil around the edges of a design or character joins one part of the design or character with another. Often referred to as flashing.
Project delivery method in which the owner hires a design professional to perform conceptual and preliminary design (usually up to 35 percent complete) after which a design-builder contracts to complete the design and perform the construction.
in dentistry, an appliance containing an artifical tooth is used to replace a missing tooth
in television programming, a ploy to keep audience away from another program by scheduling a program so it is in progress at the time the other show begins.
Adding yourself to a call already in progress.
Structural members used between beams to strengthen the structure.
Short, structural members criss – crossed between beams to provide reinforcement and distribution of stress.
Where the continuity of a column of explosives in a borehole is broken, either by improper explosive placement, or where some foreign matter has separated the charge in the hole.
A means of providing through connections between conductors or pairs that are terminated on connecting blocks. These through connections are commonly provided by means of individual metallic "bridging" clips or multiple "bridging" clips that are housed in a plastic insulator.
Same as Blocking
Blocking of crusher opening by large pieces of material.
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a term used to describe a saddle with bars that “bridge” over a hollow in the horse’s back, creating intense pressure points at the front and the back.
Is used to reduce pressure on critical tongue areas of a semi-hollow or hollow die.
is the term given to the splitting of the collarette fibers.
Condition in which fibers do not move into or conform to radii and corners during molding, resulting in voids and dimensional control problems.
Formation of a coating film over a depression.
The formation of a coating over a depression or crack.
The network of support webs which hold in place the internal surface forming portion of the mandrel, created when the ports are machined into the mandrel.
Crossing fabric threads at the edge of a stencil.
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Climbing by putting the feet on opposing sides of the climbing wall surface.
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A mapping between two domains.
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A loan given by a lender secured against an existing property to allow a purchaser buy a property, and borrow against their own home.
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The move from one program age level to the next.
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See Bridge.