Definitions for "Bear "
An investor who believes that a security, a sector, or the overall market is about to fall. opposite of bull.
A person who sells stocks or securities for future delivery in expectation of a fall in the market.
To endeavor to depress the price of, or prices in; as, to bear a railroad stock; to bear the market.
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A Cub Scout rank for boys who have completed second grade, or who are nine years old.
the third rank in Cub Scouting.
The Cub Scout rank designed for a third-grade Cub Scout, or one who is 9 years of age. Earned by completing 12 of 24 achievements.
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Bear is a tool for calculating and testing discreteness of holonomy representations of complex projective structures on punctured tori. It can be used to draw pictures of Bers slices and explore the geometry of quasifuchsian space in the SL_2 representation variety. It also has powerful scripting features that make it easy to create complex animations or to automate larger calculations.
A tool for studying Bers slices and complex projective structures on punctured tori.
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To produce, as fruit; to be fruitful, in opposition to barrenness.
Any species of the genus Ursus, and of the closely allied genera. Bears are plantigrade Carnivora, but they live largely on fruit and insects.
Lumbering omnivores of the family Ursidæ, the sole North Country representative is the Black Bear ( Ursus americanus). Makwâ in the Ojibwe.
To dream of killing a bear foretells liberation from entanglements.
A wild animal used by God to kill groups of children for making fun of bald prophets (2nd kings 2:23-24).
Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind. To kill a bear, portends extrication from former entanglements. A young woman who dreams of a bear will have a threatening rival or some misfortune.
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To endure; to tolerate; to undergo; to suffer.
To suffer, as in carrying a burden.
To endure with patience; to be patient.
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Bear is a popular black and white alternative comic book created by British writer/artist Jamie Smart and published in the United States by Slave Labor Graphics. It follows the adventures of a small stuffed bear named Bear and his roommate/antagonist, a psychotic housecat named Looshkin. Looshkin often plays cruel, sadistic, and nonsensical pranks on Bear, and it is not uncommon for faeces and dismemberment to come into play.
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Flagellation Priapism
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A bier.
Metaphorically: A brutal, coarse, or morose person.
A block covered with coarse matting; -- used to scour the deck.
To support or sustain; to hold up.
To sustain; to have on (written or inscribed, or as a mark), as, the tablet bears this inscription.
To sustain, or be answerable for, as blame, expense, responsibility, etc.
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Guys who are generally bigger and heavier; and, ideally, have an abundance of body hair. They usually have facial hair of some sort. Considered both a fetish and a community in the gay culture. Heavy-set guys may refer to themselves as "bearish."
big furry guys who like to scratch their backs against trees. This word has also been spotted referring to dykes, presumably ones who are big, butch, and burly, though perhaps not so furry.
Barley; the six-rowed barley or the four-rowed barley, commonly the former (Hordeum hexastichon or Hordeum vulgare).
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To approach from windward is to bear down, to bear off is to sail away to leeward
Large squared off stone used for scraping clean the deck of a sailing man-of-war.
A popular symbol in Southwest art, often seen as a fetish, in weavings, on pottery, and in silverwork, sometimes with a 'heartline', extending from the mouth to the center of the body
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One of the 9 Onondaga Clans.
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An animal which has some resemblance to a bear in form or habits, but no real affinity; as, the woolly bear; ant bear; water bear; sea bear.
A bear may mean a compassionate and clever person will offer you consolation and guidance.
One of two constellations in the northern hemisphere, called respectively the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear, or Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.
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To support and remove or carry; to convey.
To possess or carry, as a mark of authority or distinction; to wear; as, to bear a sword, badge, or name.
To possess mentally; to carry or hold in the mind; to entertain; to harbor
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To manage, wield, or direct.
to lie in a specified direction from a designated reference point; also, to move or tend to move in a certain direction.
Bear, also known as "Old Iron Sides",was a ship built in 1873 for the ten-day-long sealing season in Newfoundland.
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To conduct; to bring; -- said of persons.
To render or give; to bring forward.
To bring forth or produce; to yield; as, to bear apples; to bear children; to bear interest.
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A person that thinks there might be a 5% or more correct ion. Anyone that isn't 100% invested in the NASDAQ.
TURN in the direction indicated from 10 to 80 degrees.
A modifier, always followed immediately by the word "left" or "right," defining the angle of the turn required to be substantially less than 90 degrees.
A turn of substantially less than 90 degrees
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A hairy person, with beard, big and heavy.
A large, hairy, gay man
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Often found on tokens on the reverse
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The removal of a player's checkers from the board at the end-stage of the game, after all of the checkers have been brought into the home board.
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A portable punching machine.
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A tight player.
To be situated, as to the point of compass, with respect to something else; as, the land bears N. by E.
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To afford; to be to; to supply with.
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To behave; to conduct.
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A large masculine man usually having a large amount of hair
Slang for a homosexual man with a lot of body hair.
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To gain or win.
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To press; -- with on or upon, or against.
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To have a certain meaning, intent, or effect.
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To possess and use, as power; to exercise.
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To relate or refer; -- with on or upon; as, how does this bear on the question?
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An object bears so and so, when it is in such a direction from the person looking.