Definitions for "YOUTH"
The part of life that succeeds to childhood; the period of existence preceding maturity or age; the whole early part of life, from childhood, or, sometimes, from infancy, to manhood.
the time of life between childhood and maturity
To dream of your own youth denotes continuing ease and comfort.
a bimonthly newspaper written, edited, and published by high school students in Los Angeles
a newspaper that addresses the needs and concerns of teens in the Los Angeles area
Youth is the sixth studio album by Collective Soul, released in November 2004. The album was the band's first on their own label, El Music Group, after leaving Atlantic Records following the release of their greatest hits album, 7 EVEN Year Itch. Despite being their lowest selling studio album, the album is considered their big comeback album after being out of the spotlight for about two years.
Youth is the second studio album by Hasidic Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu. It was released on March 7, 2006 (see 2006 in music). The CD quickly shot to the top of i Tunes best sellers list the day it was released (partially due to the fact that iTunes ran a special promotion for pre-orders.)
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The quality or state of being young; youthfulness; juvenility.
A young person; especially, a young man.
Young persons, collectively.
The Period of Possibility, when Archimedes finds a fulcrum, Cassandra has a following and seven cities compete for the honor of endowing a living Homer. Youth is the true Saturnian Reign, the Golden Age on earth again, when figs are grown on thistles, and pigs betailed with whistles and, wearing silken bristles, live ever in clover, and clows fly over, delivering milk at every door, and Justice never is heard to snore, and every assassin is made a ghost and, howling, is cast into Baltimost! Polydore Smith
a person under the age of eighteen
Youth is a 2002 Tamil movie starring Vijay. The film was a huge flop in the box office and is remembered for its hit song "Althota Boopathy..." that made the words a tagline that was used in many other following movies. In addition to Vijay, the film features Sandhya, Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan, and Haneefa.
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a bane to provided in the
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adv.: Period when you blame all your troubles on your parents; ant. maturity.
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The period of life from birth up to the first Saturn Return.
an early period of development; "during the youth of the project"