Definitions for "puppy"
Keywords:  dog, whelp, companion, twelve, kitten
The young of a canine animal, esp. of the common dog; a whelp.
To bring forth whelps; to pup.
A dog under 12 months of age.
Keywords:  love, cute, lifetime, commitment, huge
a big commitment for the purchaser and us
a big responsibility for any household
a commitment and a big responsibility, so please be sure your whole family is ready for it newest member
a cuddly ball of warmth, a flurry of fun with a bounce and a spring when you come through the door after school, and a pal for when you're feeling down
a terrible present, unless you're giving to Stephanie Klein
A name of contemptuous reproach for a conceited and impertinent person.
a child itself that requires a great deal of attention and training to become a pleasant companion in future years
a child, itself, which, as with all children, requires a great deal of attention and training to become a decent adult in future years
a friend, child and colleague for life
Keywords:  topfield, pvrt, nslu, usb, linux
Puppy will allow a user to communicate with a Topfield TF5000PVRt via a USB port. The primary target platform is NSLU2 Linux, however it is expected that puppy will be easily ported to other platforms.
Puppy is the ninth and most recent album by British electronica group Fluke, first released in August 2003. The album contains a variety of genres, spanning from house to ambient and even including a Blues track, "Blue Sky".
Keywords:  underdog
Keywords:  queer, slate, beer, thing, blank
a blank slate that you must teach all things to
a queer thing to find inside a beer-barrel'
Keywords:  fantastic, idea
a fantastic idea
Keywords:  guy, noun, chick, magnet, know
noun; you guys know this one.
a chick magnet for a guy
a big investment in time and emotion, and often in money as well
a long-term, emotion-filled investment and should be purchased carefully
a genetic package loaded with behavior traits that took thousands of years to refine
Quality of being out of line with a generally perceived set of norms. Not always negative. Also a person permanently possessing or temporarily acquiring such a quality.
Keywords:  tornado, energy
a tornado of energy
a serious responsibility that will live with you for well over a decade and will require interaction every day
a more acceptable choice to an existing cat for two reasons
Keywords:  creation, pure, object, new
a pure and new object of creation
a new family member
an important purchase---after all, it's a new member of the family
Keywords:  inexperienced, young, person
an inexperienced young person
Keywords:  lot, responsibility, work, your
a lot of work and this is your responsibility
Keywords:  life, responsibility, long
a life long responsibility
Keywords:  individual, interesting
an interesting individual