Definitions for "Best in Show"
Best In Show is a greatest hits album released by Australian rock band Grinspoon. It was released on 6 November 2005.
Best in Show is a compilation of Australian band Grinspoon's best ofs, and was released to coincide with the ten year anniversary of the band. The first song, 'Sweet As Sugar', was recorded for the purposes of the best of and appropriately is a return to the classic style of the band that was abandoned for their latest album, Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills. After the first song, the tracks are listed chronologically, from the song "Champion" recorded in 1995, to Hard Act to Follow recorded in 2004.
The Best dog/bitch at a particular dog show.
The award given to a dog who defeats all other dogs entered in a show. This designation is only given at all-breed shows.
The top cat