Definitions for "Greyhound"
Keywords:  swift, dog, breed, slender, keen
A slender, graceful breed of dogs, remarkable for keen sight and swiftness. It is one of the oldest varieties known, and is figured on the Egyptian monuments.
A swift steamer, esp. an ocean steamer.
Generic term for any medieval hunting-dog.
Greyhound was a grey Standardbred gelding by Guy Abbey out of Elizabeth by Peter the Great . Born in 1932, Greyhound was the outstanding trotting horse of his day and arguably the most outstanding in the history of the sport.
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a twin-engine cargo aircraft, designed to land on aircraft carriers
a twin-engine cargo aircraft, designed to provide critical logistics support to aircraft carriers of the United States Navy
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an athlete like any other athlete
a mixed drink comprised of Vodka and Grapefruit juice
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a fortunate object to see in your dream