Definitions for "Mongrel"
Keywords:  breed, dog, inferior, mixed, dubious
The progeny resulting from a cross between two breeds, as of domestic animals; anything of mixed breed.
Not of a pure breed.
Of mixed kinds; as, mongrel language.
Keywords:  nondescript, pedigree, animal
An animal of nondescript pedigree.
Keywords:  scgi, zed, ruby, plain, cgi
Mongrel is an HTTP library and web server for Ruby web applications. A distinguishing feature of Mongrel is that it uses plain HTTP rather than Fast CGI or SCGI. Mongrel is written by Zed A.
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See Crossbred
Keywords:  seger, bob, album, band, music
Mongrel is the third album by American rock band The Bob Seger System, released in 1970 (see 1970 in music).
Keywords:  plaid, stripe, layout, warp, filling
A plaid design in which the warp stripe layout and filling stripe layout are different. Details...
Keywords:  strains, blend
a blend of several strains