Definitions for "layout "
Document or electronic equivalent that shows the physical size and location of electronic and mechanical components on a circuit board, and the routing of conductors that electrically interconnect the components. Information is provided in sufficient detail to allow the preparation of documentation and artwork for fabrication, assembly and test of a PCA.
A sketch of rough ideas or composition plans for an artwork.
The design, usually in sketch form, of the elements of an advertisement, magazine, book page, or any other graphic work intended for reproduction.
layout is a tcl package that allows you to create layouts simply and efficently. The layout you want is "written" in a variable that is parsed by proc "layout", which will arrange for normal managers to handle it. Since the variable can be dynamically created, the layout can be created on the fly.
A layout refers to a part of a project in which the geographic representation of a view is combined with graphical elements to make a map. Such things as scale, compass direction and the legend are created based on values in the original view. If the view is changed, the layout changes accordingly. Several different layouts can be created based on one view.
A Layout is a file containing HTML markup and Cake code. They enable you to re-use the same wrapper HTML on all of your Cake pages.
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The marked betting surface upon the game baccarat is played
the table on which the game is played, including all markings, fixtures, etc.
Design printed on felt table.
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When the player dives the catch or intercept the disc. Also referred to as "going ho" (from going horizontal).
Dive!!! "If you didn't catch it, you should have laid out"
a plan or design of something that is laid out
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A sample of the original providing (showing) position of printed work (direction, instructions) needed and desired.
the designers concept of how the final job will look like - or the positioning and order of papers in the final product.
The drawn pattern of envelope blanks on a particular sheet size that is used as a guide for printing and cutting envelopes.
The manner in which the holes are placed on the golf course when designed.
The design of the golf course.
The design of a golf course.
The design or pattern of the main roadways and workings. The proper layout of mine workings is the responsibility of the manager aided by the planning department.
The design or pattern of the main roadway and workings.
The pattern you would like the interior of your case to follow.
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In this document layout stands for the layout of a text: the direction of the segments and the shape of the characters. LayoutObject An opaque object containing all the data and methods necessary to perform the layout operations on context-dependent or directional characters. In particular it contains a set of layout values.
The order and spacing of displayed text.
Zeichnung des Leiterplattenaufbaues
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What you do on the beach or in a hammock.
The format for placing cards during a reading in cartomancy or tarot.
An explanation of how to read the files on a magnetic tape or other media format.
Created and edited like documents, layouts are used to standardize formats and materials that will be used in multiple documents. Layouts can be static or variable. Any change to a layout changes all the documents utilizing it.
a collection of other ArcView Documents in map format
an XML document containing placeholder tags that reference structural nodes within the source document (s)
a place where the fields, along with header information is formatted for display
a way to assemble several widgets together to display them
A collection of preferences that define what is displayed on the Navigation Mode screen, the colors used on that display, and the functions available on the handheld's hard buttons in all modes (except Preferences). The current layout name is displayed in the upper right of the preferences screens that belong to a layout. Several layouts can be setup by choosing the Edit Layouts drop-down item.
1. The act of skating a compulsory figure under test, competition or simulated test/competition conditions. 2. The mark left on the ice as a result of skating a compulsory figure under test, competition or simulated test/competition conditions.
The visual presentation of data in NewFile.
the act of laying out (as by making plans for something)
Plan of structural framing (e.g. floor layout, stanchion layout).
a part of other regulations and the Fee Schedule of WorldClearing Group
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a set of edge-disjoint paths, one for each net
Allows you to specify different margins within a single document and to specify various methods for indenting paragraphs.
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a set of template files that lets you render an album or an image any way that you choose
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Pieces of mail that are not in ZIP Code order that are put into ZIP Code order by manually laying them out.
a template that defines the display view
a way to view selected fields in your database file
See Paper Layout view.
an ordered collection of Columns and Wrap Shapes
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Layout of the conductor board assembly
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The distribution of hose at the scene of a fire.
The physical appearance of ad materials as it appears on a sheet.
the organization of objects or content to achieve a desired appearance.
a collection of samples which have already been assigned to the buttons (you can make your own later on)
a structure containing references to content fragments
This is a term use to describe the process of un-wrapping surfaces into their equivalent 2D shapes. It only applies to surfaces that are developable.
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See spread.
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a special kind of group, which shown inside a container
a central location for engineering information
Limited service agency Long-term liabilities
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a close second
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See store layout.