Definitions for "Front"
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a sloping surface in the atmosphere, separating air masses of differing temperature and/or density.
A major discontinuity separating ocean currents and water masses in any combination.
Transition zone between air masses with different weather characteristics.
The part or surface of anything which seems to look out, or to be directed forward; the fore or forward part; the foremost rank; the van; -- the opposite to back or rear; as, the front of a house; the front of an army.
A position directly before the face of a person, or before the foremost part of a thing; as, in front of un person, of the troops, or of a house.
That which covers the foremost part of the head: a front piece of false hair worn by women.
To oppose face to face; to oppose directly; to meet in a hostile manner.
To stand opposed or opposite to, or over against as, his house fronts the church.
In Soviet military usage, a front consists of at least two armies and usually more than that number. Two or more fronts comprise a theater of military operations.
The forepart of the body as viewed from the front
The forepart of the body as viewed head on; i.e., forelegs, chest, brisket, and shoulder line.
The forehead or brow, the part of the face above the eyes; sometimes, also, the whole face.
The forehead, countenance, or personal presence, as expressive of character or temper, and especially, of boldness of disposition, sometimes of impudence; seeming; as, a bold front; a hardened front;
the outward appearance of a person; "he put up a bold front"
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To face toward; to have the front toward; to confront; as, the house fronts the street.
confront bodily; "breast the storm"
the upper anterior portion of the head, below the vertex and above the clypeus, including the area between the antennae bases
In the anterior part of the carapace ,middle section that projects
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Front was first published by Cabal Communications in 1998, it was created to rival IPC's publication Loaded. It is part of the British "lads' mag" genre of magazines.
The front of a cover with most or all of the back and side panels torn away or removed. Fronts, while desirable if they bear unusual or uncommon postal markings, are less desirable than an intact cover.
the front (face) of a cover from which the back panels have been removed. A front is less desirable than an entire.
the front part of a cover from which the back has been removed. The intact cover is known as an entire.
Front is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 25 km north of Turin. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 1,661 and an area of 10.6 km2.All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.
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Wheel Drive (FWD) The front wheels receive engine power. FWD provides more traction than rear-wheel drive (RWD) in poor road conditions because more weight is over the drive wheels. FWD also allows better use of interior space than RWD because all drivetrain components are concentrated in the front of the car.
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The most conspicuous part.
The middle of the upper part of the tongue, -- the part of the tongue which is more or less raised toward the palate in the pronunciation of certain sounds, as the vowel i in machine, e in bed, and consonant y in you. See Guide to Pronunciation, §10.
The part of the beard below the lower lip on the front of the chin.
The half of the GG1 that contained the steam boiler was designated the "front" or end #1 the other half was designated end #2. Most GG1's had an "F" on the carboby to indicate the front end. Messenger Wire - The graceful shaped wire that carries the trolley wire.
All the works along one side of the polygon inclosing the site which is fortified.
The picture side of the postcard.
the side that is seen or that goes first
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The fore end of a sheep's body; a term usually applied to the neck folds of the Merino, comprising the apron and minor folds.
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the part of something that is nearest to the normal viewer; "he walked to the front of the stage"
The surface seen when a flag is in its normal flying position with the hoist to the viewer's left. (The "Back" is the reverse).
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The first nine holes of an 18 hole course.
gauntleted given giving guarding
A defensive strategy by the hole-guard to block the passing lane by playing between the hole-set and the ball.
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n. the portion of a lock which provides the means of mounting the locking device to the edge of the door
The plate through which the latching or locking bolts project. (See Face.)
The area on the edge of a door where a face plate secures the lock bolt. A common example dimension for interior doors would be 1" x 21/4", for example.
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Froude Number Fully Battened
An additional X-ray taken to fully image a large breast.
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located anteriorly
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A front (pr: frənt) in the 1950's was the term for someone who agreed to lend his own identity in covering for a blacklisted artist in the American film industry during the Mc Carthy era.
A thermal wall across which there is a rapid temperature change. The source of most bad or unsettled weather.
a region of rapid horizontal temperature change, one of the most common features of our weather
contains any prefatory matter (headers, title page, prefaces, dedications, etc.) found before the start of a text proper.
A component of an ophthalmic frame, typically consisting of a bridge and eyewires.
The portion of the matchcover between the saddle and the bottom. (See F).
(1) The external portion (face) of a building, which usually contains the main entrance. (2) That portion of land bordering on a river, ocean, street, etc.
the portion of a protective device frame that is intended to hold the lens or lenses.
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To adorn in front; to supply a front to; as, to front a house with marble; to front a head with laurel.
a monthly news brief on relevant topics related to selling a business, mergers and acqusitions
an artificial contruct devised to show the general area of conflict between two forces
an organisation in which one or more organisations dissolve all or part of their resources in order to achieve a broader unity than is possible within their own, usually formal organisational structure
The more or less linear outer slope of a mountain range that rises above a plain or plateau. In the U.S., the Colorado Front Range is a good example.
an attitude and demeanor intended to represent one's feelings, even if not actually felt; as, to put on a good front.
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To have or turn the face or front in any direction; as, the house fronts toward the east.
the architectural facing of a building, more decorative than structural.
be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park"
the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence"; "he sensed the presence of danger"; "he was well behaved in front of company"
Is a horizontal firing of multiple items like fountains, roman candles, etc... Creates a wall of fire.
a sphere of activity involving effort; "the Japanese were active last week on the diplomatic front"; "they advertise on many different fronts"
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'in front' means before the top, as an intro.
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The call boy whose turn it is to answer the call, which is often the word "front," used as an exclamation.
Also known as the front mark, the front means the handicap mark allotted to those horses to race the minimum advertised distance for any race.
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relating to or located in the front; "the front lines"; "the front porch"
a special item in a sequential container that has no other items before it.
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The beginning.
Upper-most board and beginning of the book
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respectable appearance
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To appear before; to meet.
a person used as a cover for some questionable activity
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an example of this
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