Definitions for "Entrance"
The act of entering or going into; ingress; as, the entrance of a person into a house or an apartment; hence, the act of taking possession, as of property, or of office; as, the entrance of an heir upon his inheritance, or of a magistrate into office.
Liberty, power, or permission to enter; as, to give entrance to friends.
The passage, door, or gate, for entering.
To put into a trance; to make insensible to present objects.
a public art project that will celebrate the artistic excellence and diversity of Howard County
Solemn procession of the celebrants of Divine Liturgy. The Little En­trance is a procession of the Holy Gospel and the Great Entrance a procession br­inging the Holy Gifts from the Oblation Table to the Altar.
A character's entry into a scene. "The scene is really wonky up until Chandler's entrance."
something that provides access (entry or exit); "they waited at the entrance to the garden"; "beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral"
To put into an ecstasy; to ravish with delight or wonder; to enrapture; to charm.
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An access to a metro station from outside the station. It can include a kiosk, an entrance integrated into a larger building, or a tunnel from the underground city. French: sortie, entrée, accès.
Passageway into a building.
Entrance is the musical vehicle for indie rock musician Guy Blakeslee. His style is a sort of psychedelic folk music, often consisting of vocals and guitar with old, public domain blues songs.
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The angle which the bow of a vessel makes with the water at the water line.
The bow, or entire wedgelike forepart of a vessel, below the water line.
A start point in a Maze when that point is on a boundary wall.
That portion of a ship's underwater body forward of the parallel middlebody or the point at which the slope of the sectional area curve is zero.
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The entrance to a navigable BAY, HARBOR or CHANNEL, INLET or mouth separating the OCEAN from an inland water body.
The upstream approach transition to a constricted waterway.
attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men's hearts"
a good location for a switch, but it does not allow the sensor to see into the restroom
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In computing, Entrance is a display manager for the X Window System designed with the Enlightenment window manager in mind. In other words, it's a program that lets you log in to a (probably Unix-based) computer.
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a movement into or inward
The movement of an actor onto the visible areas of the stage. Also the area on the stage or set through which the actor appears.
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How a slide part is revealed
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the entrance of the payment sees. - it covers of the page