Definitions for "Lintel"
Keywords:  beam, span, doorway, horizontal, door
A horizontal member spanning an opening, and carrying the superincumbent weight by means of its strength in resisting crosswise fracture.
A beam used over wall openings to carry loads across the opening
a horizontal beam spanning an openings, as over a window or door, or between two posts
Keywords:  kerb, gully, pit, cast, pre
The pre-cast component of a gully pit that collects the majority of flow and is constructed along the kerb line.
Lintel is a portmanteau used to describe a computing platform consisting of the Linux operating system running on CPUs which are compatible with the x86 instruction set defined by Intel for their microprocessors.
Keywords:  arch, purely, outer, decorative, edge
Outer edge of an arch which may be purely decorative or structural in function.
Keywords:  headers, see
See Headers.
Keywords:  post, see
See post and lintel.