Definitions for "Decorative"
Works of art created for the purpose of aesthetics.
serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose; "cosmetic fenders on cars"; "the buildings were utilitarian rather than decorative"
A decorative map has definite aesthetic appeal. Decorative elements can include animals, sea serpents, mermaids, scrollwork, cherubs, costumes, etc. Many consider the 17th century to be the peak period of decorative mapmaking.
Purely ornamental.
Ornamental drapery.
Ornamental; not required for the operation of essential systems and components of a home.
A decorative font is a particularly fanciful rendition of the Latin alphabet, such as Bitstream's Flintstones or Winter Holiday fonts. This corresponds to the CSS1 Working Draft's "Fantasy" generic font family name.
The decorative paint market in the UK buys more than 300 million litres of paint each year, valued at over £500 million. European users consumer almost 2.5 billion litres per year. Products are designed for either interior or exterior use, although "exterior use" products can be used in interior applications. Products specifically for interior use include emulsion paints for walls and ceilings and a variety of special paints for specific applications such as in kitchens or bathrooms. Products for exterior use include gloss and masonry paint, and a wide range of varnishes and stains for wood care. The market is made up of DIY and Trade users.
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Suited to decorate or embellish; adorning.
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images that do not contain important information other than to decorate the file. May contain simple text information or be left empty. This is one of the image selections in the Accessibility Publishing Wizard.
A complex knot exhibiting repeating patterns often constructed around and enhancing an object. List of decorative knots.
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Decorative means to make something look more attractive.