Definitions for "Cantilever"
The part of a structural member or TRUSS which extends beyond one or both of its bearings.
A structural member, supported at only one end, that projects from a support.
The portion of a beam or plank extending beyond one or both of its supports.
Capital Casemates
Capital Casement Caulking Column Condensation Convection Corbel CornerBead Cornice CrawlSpace CrownMolding Crud
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Same as Cantalever.
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Cantus Firmus Capacitance
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A trademarked (and distinctive) design feature of AVIA athletic shoes, featuring a concave heel. This design is intended to stabilize the heel and lessen landing forces.
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Arm on which is fitted the stylus of a pickup cartridge.
A wing built in such a way that it does not require external bracing. Model scale aircraft may have dummy external bracing to replicate the original even though the wings are actually strong enough not to need it.
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A spread eagle in which the knees are bent and the body, from the knees to the head, is held parallel to the ice.
a place where cold air can travel through the floor system and fiber glass insulation doesn't do much to stop it," he said
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See under Traffic Control Devices.