Definitions for "Trestle"
A Java framework in the spirit of ruby on rails preferring convention over configuration, utilizing a domain driven development approach designed to greatly speed up the database-backed web application development time.
A movable frame or support for anything, as scaffolding, consisting of three or four legs secured to a top piece, and forming a sort of stool or horse, used by carpenters, masons, and other workmen; also, a kind of framework of strong posts or piles, and crossbeams, for supporting a bridge, the track of a railway, or the like.
A wooden bridge-like structure usually having all supporting members below the railway tracks.
Keywords:  slate, uprights, frame, table, resting
The frame of a table.
A type of stand. Much like a table missing a top, they are often used with slate frames.
A frame consisting of a horizontal member resting on uprights set at an angle and spreading at the bottom.