Definitions for "framework"
Framework provides a collection of objects designed to aid in writing C++ applications. Its features include: a unit testing framework, smart pointers, exceptions with stack traces, value-safe conversions, markup reading, XML writing, and support for mul
Framework aims to be a lightweight PHP web application development framework. Its goal is to abstract common web application needs in order to allow apps to share common resources
Provides a unified view of the needs and functionality of a particular service or application thus allowing a coherent approach to the specification of protocols and protocol elements as needed to realize the implementation of the service or application.
The XML structures that supports metadata concepts, content and controlled vocabularies.
a narrative structure that provides a setting and exposition for the main narrative in a novel
defines the technological basis, or the underlying structure supporting or containing something. FTF
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In a web context, a (rapid development) framework is an application or set of scripts that speeds development of websites. For example, the .Net framework for ASP.Net, Django for Python, Rails for Ruby, Struts for Java and Cake for PHP.
a development tool, requiring someone with programming skills
a fantastic tool especially when coding with others -- in such situations, maintaining code somebody else wrote isn't a jolt when you first open it, but instantly familiar
A set of illustrated HTML (HyperText Markup Language) text files that serve as the collection home page or home page group. The framework is so named because it provides an intellectual frame for the collection and embraces the other collection elements.
a reaffirmation of the international community's collective commitment to ensure that basic learning needs of every child
A formed mental pattern that can be used to sort out and relate a variety of elements in human experience that fit into that pattern. This may include related experiences the human has never seen before in precisely the same form. This is a blueprint for awareness clusters, which may simply enable the human to make sense of what they perceive, or it may include basic procedures for acting in such a situation. For example, one common framework for city dwellers embraces the normal features, objectives, and procedures for crossing a city street at a traffic light. Another includes all of the details required to go into a restaurant to order a meal.
A blueprint of curriculum content and student learning objectives for a specific course of study.
California curriculum frameworks describe and define the content and instructional program teachers are expected to deliver within a content area at each grade level.
a general guide to be followed in carrying out some process
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The bare branches or skeleton of a tree or shrub
A metal skeleton of a removable partial denture to support the false teeth and the plastic attachments.
A skeleton that provides the essential components of an application. Frameworks are good for providing a starting point for creating applications as well as defining the minimum functionality of an application.
an extraneous and explicit delegacy of a disunite of realness, as it is seen aside individuals who wishing to wont this exemplar to translate, modification, cope and ascendance that share of realism
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a generic package i
Framework launched in 1984, was the first office suite to run on the PC 8086 with DOS operating system. An even earlier integrated suite, actually comparable to the original Macintosh of 1984 and Lisa of 1982 was produced by Epson, a complete integrated work station based on the previous Z80 processor and CPM operating system with GUI interface and WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") typography on the monitor and printing. Framework offered all this however in the first all-in-one package to run on any PC platform.
an associative network of interdependent objects implementing the underlying information model
an excellent way to hide hardness so I don't have to look at it
a procedure and the methods are the ways an appraisal might be undertaken
an environment composed of a supervisor and one or several teams of software agents
a skeletal group of software modules that may be tailored for building domain specific
A Skeletal software component that performs functions required by a system and which is incorporated into the design of such systems.
Foundation upon which a company may build their current and future communications infrastructure. Usually consists of a set of components that work together to solve a business problem.
Integrated set of policies and procedures designed to assist management to achieve its goals and objectives.
a combined static/dynamic approach to worst-case schedulability analysis of real-time task-sets
a single point on a continuum of perspectives on a single issue
a way of thinking, a point-of-view, a perspective on something
a sort of "scaffolding that allows a person to experience novelty without being overwhelmed
a multi dimensional classification system that seeks to bring in a range of elements
a straight line realization of a graph in d-dimensional Euclidean space
Every job lifecycle contains three phases: Initialization, Framework Execution, and Finalization. The Framework Execution phase is responsible for running and managing the user's executable. When scheduling a job, a framework (the Default framework) is selected for use during this phase. This framework is launched on the Head Node and expected to manage the user's application workflow. See the topic, Developing New Frameworks, for more details.
See execution framework.
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Framework of a piece of furniture or an armchair
A template containing a sequenced set of all groups/segments which relate to a functional business area (or multi-functional business area) and applying to all messages defined for that area (or areas). [TRADE/WP.4/R.633
an environment built to reduce development costs, maintenance costs, and implementation costs
a template for the implementation of a particular function (similar to a shell program)
an attempt to re-construct a model of the world which meets criteria other than testability as such
A general model or outline for the complex cancer planning process. It consists of four phases (see below) that are broadly defined to allow for differences from one planning environment to another.
a technology that's going to allow people to create games much more simply, much more rapidly, and then distribute them across Microsoft platforms without having to recode everything
a resuable design, so you develop it by looking at the things it is supposed to be a design of
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a customized version of the
a custom version of the CLR for game development
an innovative initiative aimed at improving partnership performance coming out of our Partnership Governance and Accountability (PGA) program
a component that interacts autonomously with other services either through dynamic proxies or via agents that use self-describing protocols
an object oriented description of the components that make up a system and how they are connected
The components of a project which collectively describe or define how the work will be accomplished.
The interrelationships between different parts of a program or organization.
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A chart organized to list details of Goals and Objectives, functional and content elements and focal points for a course of study£®Also called Scope and Sequence
shortening of National Qualifications Framework. Back to A-Z menu
The work of framing, or the completed work; the frame or constructional part of anything; as, the framework of society.
Work done in, or by means of, a frame or loom.
a hierarchy of nodes and links, where nodes point to a single piece of content, such as an XML document or a graphic stored in the database, and links define the hierarchy by linking individual nodes
an area where one player has a large influence, and which potentially could become that player's territory
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an arrangement between the Department and a supplier to provide goods and/or services for a specified period
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how to carry out an evaluation exercise.
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a general body of knowledge about a topic
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a complex system and is not something to use to learn the language
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a much larger issue, and cannot be covered in three HTML pages
a fully distributed service system with no single point
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a really good start