Definitions for "Use Case"
definition of the sequence of action s a system performs that yields an observable result of value to a part icular actor. A use-case class contains all main, alternate flows of event s related to producing the "observable result of value". [D04892] RUP
A task that is part of the business process, for example, renewing insurance policies in an insurance application.
A use-case model consists of actors, use cases, and relations among them. Actors represent everything that must exchange information with the system, including what are typically called users. When an actor uses the system, the system performs a use case. A good use case is a sequence of transactions that yields a measurable result of value for an actor. The collection of use cases is the system's complete functionality. [go to site
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a prose essay' -- great summary, from a great book
a complete desription
a document that contains detailed information in a more formal structure and represents the complete specification corresponding to one or more stories
a method for brainstorming and capturing the possible requirements of a software application
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a single unit of meaningful work
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a name d collection of class es, interface s, and other elements that work together to provide some behavior that is bigger than the behavior represented by the sum of the parts