Definitions for "interaction"
The effect, such as exertion of a force, that one object exerts on another, especially the capture or emission of a particle.
Any action and reaction that takes place between two objects. In physics, interactions (or forces) fall into four main categories. These categories are gravitational interactions, electromagnetic interactions (electric and magnetic forces), and the strong and weak interactions (which affect atomic nuclei and fundamental particles). interface The boundary between two different materials or media. See also refraction
The tendency of two or more variables to produce an effect in combination which neither variable would produce if acting alone.
Intermediate action.
Mutual or reciprocal action or influence; as, the interaction of the heart and lungs on each other.
An activity by which a user can influence the data and processing of an application by modifying the information associated with an active perceivable unit. A common form of this kind of activity is the entry of data into an active perceivable unit that contains a form.
The process by which parties communicate with each other and make decisions over issues where they have interdependent interests. An interaction is seen as having six phases. Scene-setting is followed by build-up. If the build-up ends with parties stating intentions that fit every position, the next phase is collaboration, where they attempt to agree on an implementation plan. If successful, collaboration leads on to a cooperation decision. If, however, collaboration breaks down through parties taking different positions - or if different positions are taken in the build-up - then the phase that follows is confrontation, where parties try to change each other's positions or intentions. If they succeed, they may move into collaboration (possibly after confirming the changes by returning to the build-up). Otherwise, they go on to make a conflict decision. From the decision phase, whether a conflict decision or a cooperation decision, the phase that follows is implementation.
a behavioral specification that comprises a sequence of message exchanges among a set of objects within a collaboration to accomplish a specific purpose, such as the implementation of an operation
a set of message s exchanged among a set of object s to accomplish a particular purpose within a given context (such as a collaboration )
other people as part of the social environment of the language user motivating or characterizing its use in certain situations, ¶6-1-6.
This can be divided into low-level interaction and high-level interaction. Low-level interaction in the case of VR environments involves the user navigating around the environment and experiencing the space. High-level interaction is more complex and involves behaviours and events, that is objects act in a certain way when triggered by a user.
Using language or gestures to communicate with other people. Interaction may also refer to manipulating objects in the environment.
The act of communication between two entities or positions (a computer interface, persons, or surrounding location (or objects in that surrounding location).
co-action between two or more beings
An interaction is an event involving two or more entities, via their identities. Each participating identity in an interaction is either anonymous or unanonymous to the interaction. An interaction could also be referred to as a projection. [Source: Jaco Aizenman.
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Generally used in reference to TV or film, this refers to on-screen interaction between giant and tiny people. For example, in 7th Voyage of Sinbad, when the princess climbs out of Sinbad's hand, that's interaction. Just having her standing around giant objects (e.g., in the same film, when she walks around the dinner plate and kicks the grape) is not. Usually, interaction is rare, because it's so difficult to pull off properly, as one or the other characters tend to look fake.
an activity that is carried out in sequence with another activity (or other activities) in another role (or roles)
a process step that takes place simultaneously in more than one role
An instance of the sending of an HL7 message from a single application role to another application role in response to a trigger event. Interactions include the specification of a message format, a receiver application role, a sender application role, preconditions and post-conditions for sending the interaction and receiver responsibilities.
English - Interlingua translator
a requirement for efficient translation by B
a specification that defines how information is translated from one domain into another
a long-lived unit of work that reflects the behavior of a business transaction
a unit of behavior that focuses on the observable exchange of information between ConnectableElements
The division of load carrying between pipe and backfill and the relationship of one to the other.
the relationship between the reader and text
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7IntEr5AkF[n/ n. acting upon one another
The result of one thing acting on another.
The act of doing an operation.
contact with other cultures
Communication or interpersonal contact between investigator and subject.
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the process of two drugs acting on each other.
a change in the way one drug acts when it is taken with some other drug or substance. Also called drug interaction.
Change in body's response to one substance when another is taken. Interactions may increase the response, decrease the response, cause toxicity or completely change the response expected from either substance. Interactions may occur between drugs and drugs, drugs and vitamins, drugs and herbs, drugs and foods, vitamins and vitamins, minerals and minerals, vitamins and foods, minerals and foods, vitamins and herbs, herbs and herbs.
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Maximum pressure, usually in tons on the punch during drawing.
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Interaction is a measure of the estimated number of trips that will be generated between origins and destinations for a particular activity. Interactions depend upon the properties of the origin to generate a trip, the property of the destination to attract a trip and the cost of traveling between them.
a dynamic process between real things including between people and machines or other technology
The way things or people relate to each other.
Communication between people, or the actions of people that affect others.
a communication
a set of actions (usually communications) to be executed jointly by a set
a temporary violation of the conservation of energy
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The means by which users input changes to the system and receive feedback from the system.
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Wave motion
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When line and load changes occur at the same time, interaction refers to the total static regulation in a power supply.
a high-level abstraction of a negotiation, only defining the possible negotiation results and abstracting from how the negotiation is performed
a set of named data, or parameters, which forms a logical unit within the federation, e
Refers to the way in which a combination of chemicals may increase or decrease the dangers of the chemicals involved.