Definitions for "Iteration"
Recital or performance a second time; repetition.
The execution of a statement or series of statements in a loop which is repeated in a computer program; as, at each iteration, the counter is incremented by 2.
converging upon a result by repeated execution of a series of steps; also used to mean one of those steps.
A distinct sequence of activities with a base-lined plan and valuation criteria resulting in a release (internal or external). Each iteration should produce at least one tested software release. Iterations are typically measured in single digit weeks and not months.
a distinct sequence of activities resulting in an operational release (internal or external), in many cases this can simply be described as an operational prototype
a distinct sequence of activities that results in a release (internal or external) of an executable product
A method of solving an equation by trial and error. An iteration technique is used to solve equations where the unknown variable cannot be explicitly isolated. A frequently used technique is the Newton-Raphson method.
The process of putting the result of a calculation back into the equation to get a new result. Can be used in the study of population changes in clusters of animals or people. It is also the process whereby, in an improperly adjusted public address system for example, the amplified sound feeds back through the microphone into the amplifier, producing the familiar high pitched noise.
an attempt to use the backtrack constraint
A method of resolving a name request from a client. When using iteration, the DNS server might not provide the requested name. If the DNS server is authoritative for the requested name, it returns the name. If not, the server returns a list of the NS and A resource records of servers with names similar to the name requested, but it does not attempt to contact those servers. The client can continue the name search by contacting the recommended servers. The alternative method is recursive resolution.
a window of time where the team works on the highest-priority stories
XP teams work to the regular milestones that occur at the end of every iteration. An iterations usually lasts two or three weeks and starts with a planning meeting. The customer selects a number of stories for each iteration according to Yesterday's Weather.
one run through the data by the estimation program, done in order to improve the estimates.
one run through the data by the Rasch calculation program, done to improve estimates by minimizing residuals.
a decomposition of an JSD-component which contains only one action
a finite computation that leads the actor to a quiescent state
The usability evaluation of one version of the product or procedure. An iteration typically consists of several test sessions.
production of all the results of a generator. Iteration can be accomplished by a control structure or by conjunction with an expression that always fails. See also goal-directed evaluation.
a generic term used to denote the smallest unit of work processed by a core
This is a programming term. It refers to a process that can be described by a fixed number of variables and a set of rules that describes what happens...
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an application of the motif on a given size scale
The division of a project in which functionality is provided to the users in a series of phases.
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The use of a component more than once with varying operations.