Definitions for "Task Analysis"
an assessment approach in which the specific task to be learned is broken down into its component steps as a basis for instruction to acquire the sub-skills within the task.
Lists the actions that learners must perform to achieve the desired performance. In some instances, when the tasks involve physical actions, the list of tasks is clear. In other instances, when the tasks are intellectual ones, such as choosing the right model of computer to meet a customer's needs, task analysis is more of a challenge. A complete task analysis begins with a description of the situation that drives learners into the online learning program, then presents a hierarchy of tasks, including the primary task (that is, the overall task of the course), main tasks (ones that learners must complete to achieve the primary task), and supporting tasks (tasks that learners must complete to successfully complete the main tasks).
a discrete step-by-step analysis of how users accomplish their desired tasks
The technique of carefully examining a particular task to discover the elements it comprises and the processes required to perform it.
An examination of all the duties and activities which are carried out by an individual employee, for the purpose of determining the required skills, knowledge, attitudes, resources, and risks involved with each task.
a fundamental part of a cognitive model of user performance, such as GOMS
An informal assessment technique in which a task is broken into its essential components or subtasks.
a set of methods for decomposing people's tasks to understand their procedures better and to help provide computer support for those tasks
Involves defining standards and conditions of a particular task and identifying the distinguishing factors between tasks.