Definitions for "performance"
The qualitative and quantitative outputs from an individual's efforts.
(1) a user-oriented quality requirement specifying the speed with which an application or component shall execute its functions.(2) a quantitative quality factor measuring the speed with which an application or component actually executes its functions, typically measured in terms of: Capacity. The minimum number of objects that an application or component can support (e.g. the minimum number of users or transactions that it must be able to support). Latency. The maximum time that is permitted for an application or component to execute specific tasks (i.e., system operations) or use case paths end to end. Response Time. The maximum time that is permitted for an application or component to respond to specific requests. Throughput. The number of executions of a given system operation or use case path that an application or component must be able execute in a unit of time.
Performance refers to how long users have to wait for program results. Examples include: interactive response times, response time for large queries, wait times for the results of complex calculations, print times for color printouts. Performance requirements need to match user expectations.
Any dramatic activity presented to an audience.
Level: Occurrence an event in which generally one group of people (the performer or performers) behave in a particular way for the benefit of another group of people (the viewer or viewers, or audience). Sometimes the dividing line between performer and audience is blurred.
Execution of dance movement in class or on stage.
The act of performing; the carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action; as, the performance of an undertaking of a duty.
That which is performed or accomplished; a thing done or carried through; an achievement; a deed; an act; a feat; esp., an action of an elaborate or public character.
The act of performing; execution, accomplishment, fulfillment, etc.
A process of regularly assessing progress towards achieving pre-defined outcomes.
Demonstrated proficiency in acquiring resources economically and using these resources efficiently and effectively in achieving the GRDC's outcomes.
A measure of attainment achieved by an individual, team, organisation or process.
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Carrying out or completing an activity or production which displays a student's knowledge and ability through demonstration.
A demonstration of student-applied knowledge and abilities, usually by presenting students with a task or project and then observing, interviewing, and evaluating their solutions and products to assess what they actually know and can do.
The goal of work related learning; productivity; results.
Performance (1968) is a British film directed by Donald Cammell and Nicholas Roeg.
or Practical Edition Generally, music you can afford to buy and use; this term is used in contrast to Scholarly or Library Edition, which are usually hard-bound, full of critical commentary and scholarly exegeses, and very, very expensive.
the act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it; "they criticised his performance as mayor"; "experience generally improves performance"
In human performance, the efficiency and effectiveness with which people perform their jobs; in facilities or buildings, the efficiency and effectiveness of performance as a corporate asset that supports corporate strategic objectives and mission.
the extent to which a programme or project is implemented in an effective, efficient and timely manner.
a total mystery and unfortunately, clients suffer the consequences of advisor ignorance
Performance is a compilation album from Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan. It was released on August 19, 1997 (Beacon 51584).
a two-way street, and many composers (particularly the Italians) built into their scores pauses for the purpose of allowing the public to express its approval, or, as sometimes happens, its disapproval
Includes basic scoring plus the addition of yardage scoring Scoring on offense. It can also include interceptions, fumbles, sacks, etc.
(1) Actual utterances of language in speech or writing. See competence. (2) Term for use of language with heightened sense of aesthetics or communicative competence. McGowan has a special interest in the performance of storytelling.
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a means of escape, his chase after a stuffed bunny a continuation of his pursuit of that big box of Huggies
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a trip to the Alpo factory, or maybe the Elmer's Glue factory
a vehicle through which the script is brought to life
The total number of vehicle or ESAL applications withstood by a pavement before it reaches failure, rehabilitation, or a lower level of serviceability.
How well a car accelerates, handles and stops. Good performance helps when you need to accelerate quickly, eg when merging onto a freeway, for climbing steep hills, for negotiating turns and rough roads with control and stopping safely. Most modern cars have sufficient performance to cope with everyday road conditions in city and country.
Reference to a car's ability to accelerate or travel quickly. It can encompass several aspects of road behaviour but mainly refers to movement in a straight line.
Performance of an investment indicates the returns from an investment. The returns can come by way of income distributions as well as appreciation in the value of the investment.
A measure of h ow well your investment is doing; yield and total return are two commonly used mutual fund performance measures.
In investment jargon, performance refers to the return on an investment, mandate or investment fund. This is expressed as the percentage change in the value of an investment over a given period, including any accrued earnings and corrected for any payments made or received. The absolute performance is the change in value in absolute terms, whereas the relative performance measures the change in value relative to an agreed benchmark. Modern portfolio theory states that there is a positive correlation between risk and (expected) return.
Meeting one's obligations under a contract or agreement.
The proper fulfillment of a contract or obligation.
Meeting ones obligations under a contract or agreement.
How quickly a system responds to input.
A pattern of acting or responding to a problem in a regular, methodical or predictable manner.
Refers to the way a particular type or variety of cheese responds to handling during preparation, from “mechanical manipulation” (e.g., slicing, shredding, grating, etc.) in its cold state, to the quality of the cheeseâ€(tm)s response to heating (e.g., characteristics such as melting, stretching, browning, etc.). Performance also describes how cheese flavors combine with each other or with additional ingredients.
a perfect example of vocal acrobats that impress but aren't overkill
n]: A characteristic of your work that will NEVER be good enough to satisfy a Bosshole
an exteriority, an outside to the composition's inside, a necessary evil because it can never represent the composition exactly
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ASL Browser
In Internet/EDP, this refers to the performance of a system, i.e. its speed in carrying out commands and programs. Because of the surging number of Internet users, heavily frequented websites are increasingly encountering performance problems. 7d technology is specifically designed for websites with heavy traffic and extensive content.
The speed with which the information system processes interactive and batch transactions.
A statement of the speed at which a computer system works. Or rather, might work under certain circumstances. Or was rumored to be working over in Jersey about a month ago.
an opportunity for students to show their family and friends how hard they have worked
Generically, the work involved in and the results or products that accrue from conducting a process or activity. Human performance describes how people do a task and what results. System performance describes how systems do a task and what results. Organizational performance describes what an organization does and what results.
a series of "moments" which provide clues to greatness
the length of time from the moment a request is issued until the first of the results of the request are received.
In DirectMusic, an object that manages the flow of data from the source to the synthesizer, and controls global values, such as timing, tempo, and master volume.
Exhibition of gaits or other required routines.
Behaviors exhibited while putting into action specific skills
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an event, but the poem itself, if there is any poem, must be some kind of enduring object
an event where the public or invited guests are entering the facility
Refers to the participation in physical activity and sport in many sites, including elite, recreational, school, club, national and international arenas.
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A programmed combination of voices. Performances can be splits, which divide the keyboard in two regions, FIXME. See Also part, voice.
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process or manner of functioning or operating; "the power of its engine determine its operation"; "the plane's operation in high winds"; "they compared the cooking performance of each oven"; "the jet's performance conformed to high standards"
Extent to which a system must be able to perform its functions within specified limits. Operational constraints must be defined as requirements and all design features are tested against these constraints.
The ability of a nuclear weapon or weapon system to operate in specified manner (e.g., yield, range, accuracy, radiation spectrum) under stated conditions. (Essentially equivalent to reliability.)
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a vision that will haunt me from this day forward
Data, summaries, and analyses need to be delivered in a timely fashion. Performance is often a key issue with data warehouses: the right answer isn't worth much if it shows up after the decisions have been made.
an expression of art
art A multi-dimensional artistic practice that involves the live presence of the artist in a temporal dimension. Performance art is often presented in a critical and process-oriented context.
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a collection of patches on different MIDI channels plus a choice of drum kit, and is recommended for use with sequencers
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In general, the degree to which a process or activity succeeds when evaluated against some stated aim or objective. see also Model Performance
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1. How fast a page downloads. 2. How well a web server handles HTTP requests. 3. How fast a server program, CGI or macro can initiate, run, and die 4. How much load a server CPU can handle.
See authentic assessment, holistic assessment, performance-based assessment.
of embossing - The ability of an embossing pattern or machine to deliver the required product properties. It is best determined and documented by a general method called a technology curve.
the ability of plants to emerge and survive in a particular environment.
(Movement in the value of units in a fund (upwards or downwards).
The results of activities of an organization or investment over a given period of time.
The results of an investment's activity over time. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.
The profits and losses of an investment over a specific period.
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a sure sign that the end is near
The relative comparison of a material's resistance to failures caused by penetration
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a kind of negotiation
The actual output and quality of work performed.
The quality pf physical activity.
Environmental Performance is measurable results of the environmental management system, related to an organization's control of it's environmental aspects, based on its environmental policy, objectives and targets.
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9-14 to minimum Damage
The development of the value of an individual security, e.g. a share or a bond or of a complete portfolio.
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a major test