Definitions for "Performance Evaluation"
The overall rating given to an employee for the employee's performance during a specific period of service.
The method of evaluating an employee's performance which involves tracking, evaluating and giving feedback on actual performance based on key behaviors/competencies established in the goals that support the achievement of the overall organizational mission.
a discussion session involving both employee and his/her supervisor
an investigation concerning the performance of an IVD, which may be based upon preexisting data, scientific literature, or new performance studies carried out for the purpose of setting or verifying performance claims
Weekly or monthly review of a salesperson's performance by first-line supervision.
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Portals Primary data
A process of data collection and analysis to determine the success of learners on a specific task as a result of a training program.
A written report on a worker's performance, based on formal observation as well as day to day contacts.
an important tool for growth from any work experience
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Performance fund Performance index