Definitions for "Supervisor"
A Licensed Insolvency Practitioner that is appointed by the creditors in respect of either a Company Voluntary Arrangement or Individual Voluntary Arrangement.
an insolvency practitioner who is appointed to supervise the implementation of an individual or company voluntary arrangement
An IP appointed to supervise the carrying out of a company in a Voluntary Arrangement.
In a traditional hierarchy, an employee who directs and reviews the work of others, controls work methods and processes, and makes personnel and resource management decisions for the unit. Typically, leadership is not shared with employees to a significant extent.
Primarily responsible for spending a majority of time communicating with, motivating, training and evaluating employees and planning and directing work. Duties include the authority to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline subordinate employees or to effectively recommend such actions.
a first-level management employee who is usually responsible for a small group of employees
Westat field staff member hired to manage assessment teams, to select the samples of students to be assessed, and to send NAEP materials to the participating schools.
The teacher who is giving a supervision; usually a Fellow of one of the Colleges, a University lecturer or sometimes a postgraduate.
a faculty member who takes primary responsibility for supervising the MA or PhD candidate
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A spectator; a looker-on.
An individual who directs one or more subordinates and is designated as the rater on performance evaluations.
one who supervises or has charge and direction of
a Distributor who has sponsored two Active Direct Downlines
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A manager designated to supervise a certain area or number of stores.
The person responsible for setting up, installing, and managing a NetWare network. The supervisor always has access to all resources on the NetWare network. The name supervisor is also the username of the account the supervisor uses to log on. The Windows NT and LAN Manager equivalent is the administrator. See also admin privilege, administrator.
a kind of manager
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All the UNSW instruments in the AASTO are controlled by the "Supervisor" computer. Communication between UNSW and the Supervisor is via the internet; communication between the Supervisor and the instruments is via RS 232. John does not like RS232.
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Slave drivers. In some call centres the team leaders are being called supervisors but often they are the team leaders of the team leaders.
A member of the COR-O-VAN team who is the secondary point of customer contact once the project advances to a point when work actually begins. Depending on the size of the project, one or more supervisors may be assigned to run certain segments of a project.
a person employed by the Qualifications Authority to assist in the supervision of examinations, under the direction of the Examination Centre Manager.
Person in charge of an activity. [D01955] NPMT
a person who has been trained in the operation of the various theater systems and the theater itself
A supervisor person of the contractor, at the site.
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a deputy sheriff--and that goes anywhere they's a American flag
One who supervises; an overseer; an inspector; a superintendent; as, a supervisor of schools.
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a welcome good news
See "Work Supervisor."
a discrete event process that is used by the dispatcher to execute the work on a manufacturing system that exhibits a pre - specified desired behaviour
(as related to driver licensing) — an adult supervisor who: must be 19 or older and hold a valid B.C. licence to drive a: passenger vehicle (Class 5) or commercial vehicle (Class 1, 2, 3 or 4)
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a special cluster
a critical player in an organization's success
Same as Operating System.
The major component of the operating system. It coordinates the activities of all other parts of the operating system.
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a client to the printer or other device
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a program that controls the execution of other programs