Definitions for "valid"
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An XML document that adheres to the specifications outlined in the DTD. This generally refers to how an element can occur, the name of the element and the number of times the element can occur.
HTML A Web page or HTML document is considered valid when it complies with World Wide Web Consortium recommendations.
From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 ( 2004-02-04) An XML document is valid if it has an associated document type declaration and if the document complies with the constraints expressed in it.
Having legal binding force and authorized by law.
Having sufficient strength or force; founded in truth; capable of being justified, defended, or supported; not weak or defective; sound; good; efficacious; as, a valid argument; a valid objection.
Having legal strength or force; executed with the proper formalities; incapable of being rightfully overthrown or set aside; as, a valid deed; a valid covenant; a valid instrument of any kind; a valid claim or title; a valid marriage.
well-grounded on principles or evidence; able to withstand criticism or objection, as an argument; sound; in testing, describes a test that measures what it purports to measure.
relevant In such cases the neighbour principle ought to apply unless there is some justification or valid explanation for its exclusion. validity (n)
Well grounded on principles or evidence. Able to stand criticism or objection; sound, meaningful.
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Of taxonomic names and epithets: Published in accordance with several articles of the Code of Nomenclature; such names may be legitimate or illegitimate. ( 22)
The validity of the documentation collected by the mentee relates back to the mentors signing of the Mentor Testimonial. Does the evidence of task outcome cited directly reflect what is in the area of work (competency) guide
A valid language test or other assessment tool measures what it promises to measure. A test can never be perfectly valid but good tests strive for high validity.
Error free or acceptable according to an established set of rules or standards. For example, data entered into a form is valid if it meets the form's data validation rules.
A valid patent is an issued patent that is not invalid for one of several reasons, the most common of which is that one or more of its claims read on prior art that was not considered by the patent office during patent prosecution. While only a court can hold a patent is invalid, many patents are informally referred to as being invalid to indicate that a court would likely rule them so.
The determination that a touch has been scored correctly on the target area as specified by the rules.
Factual information. Representations made by a realtor to a prospective purchaser fall into this category.
A value of a particular attribute. Valids or keywords are both the search criteria and the key descriptions of data attributes.
a value of a particular attribute (or column in a database)
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based on truth, fact, or logic; acceptable.
Based on proper procedures, a valid approach will lead to the correct solution of a problem.
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Produces or relates to the intended results or goal.
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Strong; powerful; efficient.