Definitions for "Inductive Argument"
C&P page: Definition: An argument in which the premises do not guarantee the conclusion, but do cast a high (50%) probability on it. Comment: When the premises of an inductive argument are true, and there is no defeating evidence, the conclusion is given a high (50%) probability of truth. "Most elves are green. Olaf is an elf. So Olaf is green." Obviously it doesn't follow from these premises that Olaf is green, but, in view of the premises, "Olaf is green" is more probable than "Olaf is not green." If you know only that the premises are true, you still don't know that Olaf is green, but other things being equal, that's your best guess.
an argument intended to provide probable - not conclusive - support for its conclusion
an argument in which it is thought that the premises provide reasons supporting the probable truth of the conclusion