Definitions for "Deductive reasoning"
The use of general fact to provide accurate information about a specific situation.
involves the development of specific predictions or the generation of certain details from a major theory, generalization, fact or assumption.
Deriving testable predictions about specific cases from general principles.
a type of thinking in which we begin with a rule and move to an example In order to draw a conculusion. For example, in Maths, the area of a circle is = p (2r²). This is a rule of, which we can apply to an example (or problem). What is the area of of a circle whose radius is 5 cm
The use of a general rule or set of rules and application of the rules to a specific situation. For example, if all third grades at Central Elementary School ride bicycles to school, and Mary is a third grader at Central, then Mary rides a bicycle to school.
A method of inquiry in which a theory is verified or refuted by empirically testing hypotheses deduced from it. Also known as Hypothetico-Deductive Method.
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Leading from a general law or principle to make a statement about particular instances.