Definitions for "Paradox"
A tenet or proposition contrary to received opinion; an assertion or sentiment seemingly contradictory, or opposed to common sense; that which in appearance or terms is absurd, but yet may be true in fact.
Something that is true although its opposite is also true.
is a contradiction which at first seems irreconcilable, but with deeper reflection proves to be a truth. A paradox that is frequent in literature is birth in death which refers to the nature of the life cycle.
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A database management program developed by Borland. The Corel Corporation currently distributes Paradox. PTWin32 uses Paradox style SQL data tables. PTWin32 does not use the Paradox programming language (PAL).
The backend for the Keep In Touch program. A robust database engine created and distributed by Corel that maintains the information entered into Keep In touch.
Paradox is a relational database management system currently published by Corel Corporation. It was originally designed for DOS but a Windows version was released by Borland in 1992.
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PARADOX (PDX) is one of the best known warez/demo group that has cracked games and programs for Amiga, IBM PC, and numerous game consoles. It was founded in 1990. PARADOX began by cracking Amiga software.
Paradox is the pseudonym of Dev Pandya, a producer from the UK who has in recent years championed a new sub-genre of drum & bass known as drumfunk, which focuses on either finding obscure breakbeats or re-sampling much used drum & bass breakbeats from their original source and transforming them into a drum & bass tempo.
Paradox was a Canadian band formed in the 1980's by singer/guitarist Sylvain Cossette. The band's best known lineup featured Sylvain on vocals, Francois Cossette (guitar), Denis Lavigne (drums), and Jean-Francois Houle (bass). The band broke up in 1991.
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The manner in which the arrow clears the bow upon release by bending around the riser. This flexing of the arrow is more pronounced with finger shooters. For a right handed archer using finger release, the bow string will curve to the left upon loose due to the curve of the fingers. This will force the arrow to fly slightly to the right. For this reason the arrow is set to be slightly left of the centre shot position to compensate for this anomaly.
Paradox is the tendency of an arrow to fly straight ahead, although it is pointed to one side on the bow. This is accomplished by a series of diminishing bends of the shaft, which ultimately straightens out in flight.
Paradox is an album by John Kay and Steppenwolf, released in 1984 (see 1984 in music). It was originally released only in Canada and Australia.
The Greek philosopher Zeno (circa 460 BC) is famous for several paradoxes. In one Achilles couldn't catch a tortoise because he had first to reach the point where the tortoise started. Meanwhile, the tortoise would move to another point, etc. B. Russell has discovered paradoxes of infinity (The set of all sets that do not contain themselves - does it contain itself?) There are semantic paradoxes (All Web page authors are liars) and self-referential ones.
an apparent conflict - something that doesn't seem possible together
an inconsistency, as when two facts appear to conflict or when
a mystery, elusive, inexplicable
a clash between two definitions of the same word or is due to unwarranted hidden assumptions or bad logic
a logical flaw produced by the circular collision of reason
A popular database program. The Relex CAD Import/ExportWizardTM is completely compatible with Paradox files, able to import information from, and export data to, the Paradox format.
A widely used relational database system.
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Equivalent to dilemma.
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a strong irony
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an extreme case of a dichotomy
an effective brainteaser that promotes the capacity to be creative
Paradox is a programming language designed to combine the simplicity of scripting languages like PHP and Perl with the power and speed of C++ and Python.
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a crucial tool for many moral teachers
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a funny place to go when you die
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an action that would happen to change the course of events, causing a ripple effect throughout history
a situation in which, alongside one opinion or interpretation, there is another, mutually exclusive one
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a loaded concept
a new concept not yet formed
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a tension of sorts between at least two focal points
a kind of thinking that reaches out but never arrives at the end of its thought
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a relation between two assertions
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a figure of speech, a play on words
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