Definitions for "Backend"
A software that's not appearent to the user as it is managed by the frontend belonging to it.
One of two high-level modules required for a Udanax Green hypertext system. The backend is responsible for document and version storage, link management and editing. In many installations it will run on a more powerful computer networked to the individual workstation where users work. (See "frontend".)
A "backend" application or program serves indirectly in support of the frontend services, usually by being closer to the required resource or having the capability to communicate with the required resource. The connection to Wirecard over HTTPS or XML-Client Software is a backend integration, in contrast to CLICK2PAY (frontend).
Keywords:  lane, hook, headpin, pin, deck
(1) A reference to how sharply a ball hooks during it's path from the break point to the pins. (2) Also, the last 15 feet of the lane, sometimes erroneously referred to as "Bottoms."
The last 5-6 feet of the lane, including the pin deck. The backend is often the portion of the lane where the ball hooks the most.
This is the area of the lane closest to the pin deck. It is approximately the last 20-25 feet of the lane. This is the area of the lane that is not oiled. The oil can move to the backend of the lane due to bowling activity, which is referred to as "no backends". A lane that has "Strong backends" causes balls to hook a considerable amount on its last 20 feet.
The profits from theater ticket sales, video rentals, dvd sales and ancillary markets.
Film's profit from theater ticket sales, video rentals, and ancillary markets.
Less obvious area of dealer profit including financing, insurance, extended warranties and other add-ons
Many programs especially online programs need to store and access different types of data in order to function properly. This data is stored in a database, but is called a "backend" because users do not typically see "database" like elements such as a search screen or data entry screen.
The program in the AIX operating system that sends output to a device.
The portion of a program that accomplishes the processing tasks that the program is designed to perform. duubxumura View
The process described under stages 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the nuclear fuel cycle (including spent fuel reprocessing; radioactive waste management and disposal; and decommissioning of nuclear plant).
All information that is processed as a result of ecommerce, is stored into different categories (Source: Dreamweaver MX 2004)
The 'Backend' is the Joomla Administrator where the site administrator manages the site and it's content.
Backend of a site - usually the admin area for maintainance.
Server part of a client-server application.
The backend of a website is where all the communications between the customer and your site are processed. It's where all the work on the site is done, whether it involves sending data from forms to the server, searching for information on your site or processing online transactions.
A generic term for processes that provide data or applications for the web server. Backend processes may be located on the Web server, or reside on dedicated servers.
a drive attached to the controller on a given channel