Definitions for "Theater"
That which resembles a theater in form, use, or the like; a place rising by steps or gradations, like the seats of a theater.
In ancient Greece and Rome, an open-air structure in the form of a segment of a circle, frequently excavated from a hillside, with the seats arranged in tiers behind and above one another.
Parts of a classical theater in Roman times include: the cavea, or seating area; an orchestra, the semicircular area between the cavea and the stage; and the scenae frons, or stage backdrop. Horizontal aisles called diazomata divided the cavea into upper and lower sections. The audience entered and exited through parodoi, vaulted passageways leading to the orchestra floor on either side of the stage. Smaller tunnels, called vomitoria, debouched on the upper rows of seats. The scenae frons was a brick construction, two or three stories high, with three doors at stage level through which the actors made their entrances and exits. It was furnished with statuary niches, and brightly decorated in colored stone, marble, and plaster.
An edifice in which dramatic performances or spectacles are exhibited for the amusement of spectators; anciently uncovered, except the stage, but in modern times roofed.
Any room adapted to the exhibition of any performances before an assembly, as public lectures, scholastic exercises, anatomical demonstrations, surgical operations, etc.
a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented; "the house was full"
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A place or region where great events are enacted; as, the theater of war.
a place where actors pretend to be people other than who they are
a place where we observe
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W. Somerset Maugham
The map is divided into two theaters: East and West. Units, leaders and naval squadrons are always located in one theater or the other, and this restricts where they can attack and defend (see the rules on Supply Lines). You can only move cards from one theater to the other during Step 2 (Deploy/Move) or Step 4 (Reorganize).
a perfect venue for flamenco, intimate and warm
a revered cultural artifact and a technological challenge
a region in which active military operations are in progress; "the army was in the field awaiting action"; "he served in the Vietnam theater for three years"
a typical example of teamwork, but it also involves strong personalities who compete with each other for starring roles
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the art of writing and producing plays
a unique, dynamic, and savvy guide to building an arts institution that works
VR opens new metaphors to explore with interactive theater.
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a relatively high-risk investment versus a hotel
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A sphere or scheme of operation.
a living, breathing organism, and you have to evolve