Definitions for "The Wanderer"
The Wanderer is an Old English poem from the 10th century, preserved in the Exeter Book. The date of composition is unknown but most certainly predates 1070 AD, as it was probably part of an earlier, oral literary culture.
The Wanderer is a fictional book by Mika Waltari, part 2 of 2, telling of the adventures of a young Finnish man, Mikael Karvajalka, in 16th century medieval Europe. It tells the story how Mikael turns from Christianity to Islam and rises to a high state in the court of Suleiman the Magnificent. There are many actual historical events in this book, but how Mikael gets involved in them is fictitious.
The Wanderer is a Roman Catholic weekly newspaper published in St. Paul, Minnesota and distributed nationally. It was founded by Joeseph Matt on October 7 1867.