Definitions for "Spellbound"
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Spellbound is the name of the 1991 pop album released by Paula Abdul. Released in May of that year, the album was an international success and spawned major radio hits with the singles "Rush, Rush," "The Promise of a New Day," "Blowing Kisses in the Wind," "Vibeology," and "Will You Marry Me?". Though it was not as successful as Abdul's previous studio album, Forever Your Girl, the album was very successful in the United States, going triple platinum there (8.5 million worldwide) and peaking at #1 on the Billboard 200 becoming Abdul's second and last album to hit #1 on the chart.
Spellbound is a computer game that was designed and programmed by David Jones with music by Rob Hubbard and released in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC (also with Ed Hickman) home computers. Versions for the Commodore 64 (with Richard Darling) and the Atari 8-bit computers (with Adrian Shepard) and an enhanced 128K Spectrum version with music and additional graphics were all released in 1986. It is the second game in the Magic Knight series and was published by Mastertronic as part of their Mastertronic Added Dimension label.
"Spellbound" is a song recorded by English rock band Siouxsie & the Banshees in 1981. The track was written by the Banshees and co-produced with Nigel Gray. It was the first single released from the Banshees' fourth album Juju.
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Spellbound is a 2002 documentary, directed by Jeffrey Blitz, nominated for the Academy Award for Documentary Feature. It follows eight competitors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee; who are: Harry Altman, Angela Arenivar, Ted Brigham, April DeGideo, Neil Kadakia, Nupur Lala, Emily Stagg and Ashley White.
a surprisingly moving film, because it is not really about spelling, but about hopes and dreams
Spellbound (1945), a psychological thriller/mystery film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, tells the story of the new head of a mental asylum who turns out not to be what he claims to be. It stars Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov and Leo G. Carroll.
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having your attention fixated as though by a spell
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Bound by, or as by, a spell.