Definitions for "It's About Time"
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It's About Time is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Christina Milian, released as her U.S. debut on July 13, 2004. In this album, she grows more mature here and it is evident that she has evolved from her "AM to PM" days. It is a mixed bag of ballads and upbeat songs.
It's About Time is an album by Paulette Carlson in 2005, on PollyGirl Records. Her first solo album in nine years, it includes a song dedicated to Vietnam Vets, "Thank You Vets". The song brought her out of her retirement and she decided to make a complete full length album.
It's About Time is the first solo album released by session drummer Manu Katché. The musicians on the album are people Katché worked with on projects with Sting, Peter Gabriel, and others.
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It's About Time was an American fantasy-based comedy TV series that aired on CBS for one season of 26 episodes in 1966–1967. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz.