Definitions for "LOVE"
a great appreciation for a community that fosters friendship, leadership and cultural awareness in relation to the Taiwanese American identity
Charity, union, affection, friendship; unselfish concern for another's good. The love of Christians for each other and for the world is a reflection of the love between the three Persons of the Holy Trinity. See John 11:3, 36; 1 Cor. 13; 1 John 4:8, 16.
One of the secrets of growth in the early church was the testimony of its love. The love of Christ not only compelled early Christians to be ambassadors (2 Cor. 5:14), but constrained the world to take notice of them as well. The love of Christ was so contagious that it swept through the Roman Empire like wildfire. Jesus said, "All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another" (John 13:35).
A feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preëminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and sisters.
Especially, devoted attachment to, or tender or passionate affection for, one of the opposite sex.
Affection; kind feeling; friendship; strong liking or desire; fondness; good will; -- opposed to hate; often with of and an object.
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Nothing; no points scored on one side; -- used in counting score at tennis, etc.
zero in tennis language; love-thirty is 0-30. acoustic : hearing
no score, as in "love all" (neither side vulnerable) or "love score" (no part-score for either side).
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Due gratitude and reverence to God.
Cupid, the god of love; sometimes, Venus.
A very common human emotion. A super-intelligent sentient being who designs and creates universes (e.g. "God is Love"). Usage note: Although apparently two quite different definitions, it is common to switch from one to the other without offering a reason. Anyone who disagrees with 2) is branded immediately as incapable of experiencing 1).
(Aloha) To be at one with the Divine Creator; absence of fear; to care for deeply without attachment.
be enamored or in love with; "She loves her husband deeply"
Accepting someone you care deeply for as they are and allowing them to live as they wish.
The object of affection; -- often employed in endearing address; as, he held his love in his arms; his greatest love was reading.
an emotion that can be positive or negative; see self-love
a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; "his love for his work"; "children need a lot of love"
have sexual intercourse with; "This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm"; "Adam knew Eve"; "Were you ever intimate with this man?"
Throughout history, predominately, philosophy and religion have speculated the most into the phenomena of love. In the late 16th century, people referred to intimate relationships in terms of couples having "good" interpersonal chemistry, with reference to alchemical spells and chemical affinity. In the last century, the science of psychology has written a great deal on the subject.
The unifying agent of universal design, which is based upon the Intent of best benefit to all, as well as high vibrational states. A mutuality of appreciation in the common recognition of Oneness. That inherent quality of existence whose depth of feeling liberates and inspires spiritual revelation. SEE VIBRATION
a dishy, behind-the-scenes showbiz memoir that is also the inspiring story of a woman who refused to give up
a trusted resource to help you through your daily stresses or life crises by giving thoughtful, spiritual and online advice - in real time
Very complex term. But can be used in every film. Without this, how can one make a film? If love stop to blossom, consider that there will be no films on the earth.
Love is a 2005 independent feature film, written, directed and edited by Vladan Nikolic, produced by Jim Stark (Down by Law, Night on Earth, Factotum) and executive produced by Christoph Thoke (Tropical Malady). The film was made in New York City for $350,000, with a cast and crew from over 20 countries, with 168 scenes, shot at over 60 locations. The film was shot on mini DV in 20 days, transferred to 35mm film, and received high praise in the September 2005 issue of American Cinematographer for its stylish look.
Love is episode 10 of the Serial Experiments Lain TV series originally aired 7 September 1998.
Righteousness without love is harshness. Faith without love is fanaticism. Power without love is violence. Duty without love is discontent. Order without love is pettiness. Anonymous, from a German churchwall, my translation
A temporary insanity curable by marriage or by removal of the patient from the influences under which he incurred the disorder. This disease, like _caries_ and many other ailments, is prevalent only among civilized races living under artificial conditions; barbarous nations breathing pure air and eating simple food enjoy immunity from its ravages. It is sometimes fatal, but more frequently to the physician than to the patient.
The founding "law" or principle of the universe is love. It is the basis of all created forms and creative energy. Love is the contrary of self-centeredness. It transcends the narrow confines of the egoic self and reaches out beyond its eccentricity to embrace and serve all.
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honey, hon'
Love is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located just to the north of the Perepelkin crater. The Prager crater is nearly contacting the northeastern rim.
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A word as to the education of the heart. We don't believe that this can be imparted through books; it can only be imparted through the loving touch of the teacher. Cesar Chavez
a word I cant describe because its meaning is more powerful than any words can express
giving to others' basic needs without having personal reward as a motive.
Motivation of Nationalists: love of America, the American people, the American Way of Life.
A total acceptance of the worth of another sentient being. It cannot be wrong for one such being to love another; however, the means of expression of this love may need to be adapted to the prevailing circumstances.
a wonderful thing, but it can go really wrong when mental illness enters the picture
A climbing species of Clematis (Clematis Vitalba).
Sexual intercourse; -- a euphemism.
sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people; "his lovemaking disgusted her"; "he hadn't had any love in months"; "he has a very complicated love life"
Courtship; -- chiefly in the phrase to make love, i. e., to court, to woo, to solicit union in marriage.
LOVE is a free 2D game engine that comes in two flavors: a library and a scriptable front-end for simple game development.
The location code used in UNL Libraries catalog records for Love Library, the main library located at 13th & R Streets on City Campus. See map.
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A dumb idea.
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A thin silk stuff.
thin silk used for ribbons, with narrow satin stripes.
To take delight or pleasure in; to have a strong liking or desire for, or interest in; to be pleased with; to like; as, to love books; to love adventures.
get pleasure from; "I love cooking"
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See 'Buff (2).'
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a moment that lasts forever
This page contains religious views on topic of love.
This page contains cultural views on the topic of love.
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a Rose exclusive
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a demon and you're the one he's coming for
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Death Note TV series that aired on December 26 2006 in Japan.
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the human form of resonance
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a river, I want
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a gift and cannot be earned
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Often used as a synonym for sex.