Definitions for "I AM"
I Am is a collaboration album by Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane pressed in 1972. The album includes the original version of "Baba O'Riley", which, at 9:48, is almost twice as long as the augmented version which opens Who's Next. I Am was produced as a tribute to Meher Baba.
I Am is Killing Heidi's seventh song released and the first single from their 2004 self-titled album Killing Heidi. Upon its release to radio, I Am was, according to record company Sony BMG, the "fastest addition ever to radio by an Australian band". With loud, roaring guitars and moody vocals, the track embodied the band's new, pared-back musical style; indeed, the song sounded so different to the band's earlier work that many people, fans and critics alike, were surprised that this was the same band who had, five years earlier, delivered songs like Weir and Mascara.
I AM was an alternative progressive rock band formed in Las Vegas in 1995 and disbanded the same year. The rhythm section of the defunct band Shatterbone created the group and released an album in 1995. The band featured Greg Greer on vocals, Rod Arnett on bass, Dan Ryan on guitar, and video game music composer Frank Klepacki on drums.
the infinite consciousness of the universe; the universal feeling of "I AM"-ness, or "Be"-ness; The Atman.
the unit consciousness of each individual; the individual illusive feeling of "I am"-ness. Ibrahim : Abraham
The state in which self-consciousness turns its attention from the outside world to the inner, focusing and opening up to the impulses coming from the soul and reacting accordingly. It is a level of consciousness that prepares consciousness to unify and reach wholeness with Absolute Consciousness or Pure Being.