Definitions for "Ness"
Eochaid’s daughter, Findchoen’s mother (who will become Cuchulainn’s foster mother ). By ruse, Cathbad the druid married her. She wanted to kill him and give him a drink with two worms, but she drunk one of them and became pregnant. She gave the birth to Conchobar . After a year, she became free again and married Fergus. She asked him to let the throne to Conchobar during a year. Conchobar was so wise that the people asked Fergus to go away and to let Conchobar reign.
Ness is an Ulster princess and the mother of Conchobar mac Nessa in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
A promontory; a cape; a headland.
Roughly triangular PROMONTORY of land jutting into the SEA, often consisting of mobile material, i.e. a beach form.
Earth Bound video game series. He is an unassuming young boy, gifted with special powers. He comes from Onett, a small town in Eagleland, and lives next door to a boy named Pokey Minch, who becomes one of the main antagonists later in the game.
The suffix -ness, which goes back to Old English, continues to have a productive life. It commonly attaches to adjectives in order to form abstract nouns, such as artfulness and destructiveness. The suffix -ness also forms nouns from adjectives made of participles, such as contentedness and willingness. It can also form nouns from compound adjectives, such as kindheartedness and straightforwardness. The suffix -ness can even be used with phrases: matter-of-factness.
a Nuclear Explosives Safety Study, required before an actual test
National Engineering Science School
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a strip of land projecting into a body of water