Definitions for "Body"
A figure that has length, breadth, and thickness; any solid figure.
Consistency; thickness; substance; strength; as, this color has body; wine of a good body.
The extract of fruit and alcoholic strength, which together give an impression of weight in the mouth.
The trunk, or main part, of a person or animal, as distinguished from the limbs and head; the main, central, or principal part, as of a tree, army, country, etc.
That part of a garment covering the body, as distinguished from the parts covering the limbs.
The shank of a type, or the depth of the shank (by which the size is indicated); as, a nonpareil face on an agate body.
the part of a message that comes after the headers. Separated from the headers by a blank line.
Link Text or Anchor Text: Link text is the clickable text which connects one web page to another.
The section of a Web document where you enter your text and tags.
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The inside of a cheese which is assessed by graders using terms such as, firm, weak, pasty, flaky, close, short etc.
The general name for the texture of cheese. Cheese body can be further described alternately as firm, weak, pastry, flaky, close, short.
The term body is used to designate the physical consistency of cheese. The body may be soft, firm hard semi-soft, waxy. resilient, flaky or crumbly. Body is largely dependent on moisture content - the higher the moisture content the softer the cheese.
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Clay or a mixture of clay and inclusions ( temper) that is suitable for forming vessels or that has been fired into a vessel.
The substance from which the work is finally made; rarely just a clay, usually a balanced blend of clays, feldspars, quartz (silica) and other non-plastic 'opening' ingredients like sand or grog which together form a satisfactory combination for working and firing.
General term for the clay from which a pot is made.
The material and physical state of man. it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
a means of holding and withholding and as spirit becomes Godlike, it loses the need of restraint and protection
a temple to some, and mins is a temple to others
An Ada construct that describes the implementation of a subprogram, package, or task.
A body defines the execution of a subprogram, package, or task. A body stub is a form of body that indicates that this execution is defined in a separately compiled subunit.
The portion of a package, subprogram, task or protected record which contains the statements which define its implementation.
The middle part of a recorder or flute.
a cohesion of solid, separable parts
a living organism, not just an organization of various parts
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A number of things or particulars embodied in a system; a general collection; as, a great body of facts; a body of laws or of divinity.
To furnish with, or as with, a body; to produce in definite shape; to embody.
level I: the embodiment of the ego; the thought of separation projected by the mind and becoming form; the witness to the seeming reality of the separation by being a limitation on love, excluding it from our awareness; includes both our physical bodies as well as our personalities. level II: inherently neutral, neither " good" nor " evil" ; its purpose is given it by the mind. w-m: the symbol of guilt and attack r-m: the means of teaching and learning forgiveness, whereby the ego's guilt is undone; the instrument of salvation through which the Holy Spirit speaks.
The House and Senate refer to each other as the “other body.” When speaking of his or her own chamber, a Member of Congress might refer to “this body.
Refers to a chamber of the Legislature. The House is one body and the Senate is another body.
One house of a bicameral legislature. The term is often used in floor debate to refer to the house where debate is occurring.
Mixture of material that forms porcelain. Also call "paste".
the structural portion of the ceramic article, or the material or mixture from which it is made
The structural portion of a ceramic article. This term also refers to the material or mixture which the article is made.
whorl – last and largest turn of a gasdtropod shell, ending at the aperture.
the exterior case or shell of the sprinkler.
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Part of the valve that contains the inlet and outlet ports.
The principle pressure containing part of a valve in which the closure element and seats are located.
The stationary seating surface, the inlet of a valve. ( 055)
A number of individuals spoken of collectively, usually as united by some common tie, or as organized for some purpose; a collective whole or totality; a corporation; as, a legislative body; a clerical body.
Originally the term given to each individual compartment of a carriage, but later referring to the whole of the part above the sole-bar. The term was used since the first railway carriages were assembled by bolting together what were usually manufactured as individual stage-coach bodies onto a single under-frame.
a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity; "the whole body filed out of the auditorium"
a comic mystery featuring oddball characters and an intriguing setting, filled with puzzlement, romance, and suspence
a beautiful thing and we should live our bodies, at the same time though, it is a private thing
a beautiful thing to waste
a brand-new thing to us
The central, longitudinal framework of a flying machine, to which are attached the planes or aërocurves, passenger accommodations, controlling and propelling apparatus, fuel tanks, etc. Also called fuselage.
That part of the aeroplane which accomodates the engine, pilot, passenger and probably the petrol and oil tanks
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The reptilian brain, at the base of the skull. Thinks in gestalt body sensations. Experiences itself in the lower belly. Known as the hara in Japanese. Moves the OBE awareness around. Is the brain that we communicate when doing dowsing or muscle testing.
The sidewall of a container. The portion of a container to which the top and the bottom ends is attached by double seaming. The cylinder- shaped part of a can. Body can also refer to any shape.
Tire structure except for tread and sidewall rubber.
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The wide end of the club.
The wide bulbous part of a juggling club. American clubs tend to be much fatter than European styles, so clubs are referred to as 'Americans' (fat bodied) or 'Europeans' (slim bodied).
a tightly bound aggregate of its constituent parts just as a gas is a loosely bound aggregate composed of particles or bodies maintained in a tenuous manner
A grammatical element of a Dylan program, consisting of zero or more constituents. If any of the constituents are expressions, the body returns the values of the last expression.
The bound pages
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a compound of a series of different elements, the union of which causes it to come into being
the principal element of a holster or scabbard within which the weapon is retained (also called the pouch or well).
Defines the body element 3.0 3.0 STF
The section of a bottleneck cartridge case between the head and the shoulder that contains the powder.
The anatomical section between the forequarters and the hindquarters.
The real, as opposed to the symbolical; the substance, as opposed to the shadow.
Any mass or portion of matter; any substance distinct from others; as, a metallic body; a moving body; an aëriform body.
a covering or tent, something which casts a shadow as distinct from the shadow itself)
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In WebDB, the part of a web page where the banners, items and images are displayed.
(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book) [definition #2] (WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
The element which contains all the information which is part of the document, as opposed to information about the document itself, which is in the Head. See: HEAD below
The body of an implication rule (Implies) containing the premise(s), also known as the "antecedent" or "if" part of the rule. (See: connective module)
A housing containing the filter medium. Also referred to as a housing.
an object that has physical size, i
a physical or spiritual vessel
the name used to describe the physical composition of any type of ceramic ware, as opposed to its decoration or glaze.
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Bra and Panties all in one, this style gives a lovely smooth line from top to bottom but still with great support. Often comes with low cut or thong backs making them perfect for sexy evening dresses, when you want something really special on underneath or when you're just feeling a little bit naughty.
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The body of a method is the code that makes a method do what it does. Without a body, a method wouldn't do anything. 1: public void doIt(int a) 2: { 3: // This is the method body 4: a++; 5: } Catch The keyword catch denotes a block of code that is capable of receiving and handling and/or recovering from an exception. The catch keyword is used in conjunction with the keyword try. Check out this node for more information on exception handling.
Keywords:  cowl, rocker, pillars, pan, quarter
The vehicle's structural panels including the cowl, pillars, doors, roof, rear body, quarter panels, floor pan, and rocker panels.
This term is usually used for a low power (stereo) microscopes and it is the basic heart of the microscope without any type of stand (base) or illuminators. It usually includes the eyepiece and objective lenses but not the focusing block. Calibration: The mathematical process of determining the true distance when using an eyepiece reticle, based on the small lines that are seen on the reticle.
Insect's thorax and abdomen, collectively; as used by fly tier's, refers principally to the abdomen, the thorax's appearance being suggested by the hackle.
The secondary structure of the scooter. The body can be made of steel, aluminum, plastic or any combination of those materials and is usually attached to the frame. Some scooter bodies may only consist of a deck while others may include fenders. Plastic bodies are more susceptible to cracking and breaking.
The site of bionic transformation at which we can recreate ourselves and re-define what it is to be human.
A person; a human being; -- frequently in composition; as, anybody, nobody.
Legal or administrative entity that has specific tasks and composition.
Keywords:  dead, vital, lake, spirit, animal
The material organized substance of an animal, whether living or dead, as distinguished from the spirit, or vital principle; the physical person.
body of a dead animal or person; "they found the body in the lake"
a dead human body or the remains of a dead human body.
Keywords:  excluding, fins, limbs, head, neck
the body excluding the head and neck and limbs; "they moved their arms and legs and bodies"
The middle section of a report, excluding the heading or any notes at the bottom.
A fish excluding the fins
a confinement, it is an imprisonment
Keywords:  springiness, volume, spatial, sub, hair
The volume or springiness of hair.
This is a sub area of the image/volume which has been identified as a region of interest.
a type of spatial object that has a position and a volume
an archeological dig into the depths of the lesbian mind
Keywords:  hay, stack
a stack of hay
Keywords:  eyelash, unity, bones, differs
a unity, but the eyelash differs widely from the bones
Keywords:  corpse, word, another
Another word for a Corpse.
a single entity, that is to say it is essentially solid or enveloped and therefore does not have a distinct facade or roof
a way of saying "someone"
As in connector body, the main cylindrical or rectangular housing used to hold contacts, glass seals, insulators and other connector components in exact position and alignment. The connector body is tooled or machined to receive the necessary mounting hardware and connector-to-connector coupling technologies.
Another term for connector housing or shell.
Keywords:  detour, bird, conductor, poor, copper
a poor conductor compared to copper wire, so there's no reason for electrons to take a detour through the bird
The top surface of the hovercraft; usually attached to the hull.
Keywords:  rectangle, typeface, fitted
The rectangle on which a typeface is fitted.
Keywords:  callable, goal, clause, simply, list
a list of goals
A clause body can either be of the form Goal_1, Goal_2, ..., Goal_k or simply Goal Each Goal_i must be a callable term.
a very complex interrelationship of many systems
a standalone object within a collection
The distillate or condensed steam collected from the still.
A payload carrying structure mounted directly on a truck chassis.
a gift but we do not consider it as important as you do, for example those Miss competitions and those actresses and models
(i) Referring to any all-in-one bodice and knickers examples - (ii) All-in-one leggings and top close fitting as to be apparently second skin
Keywords:  sculpted, canvas, painted, surface
a canvas to be painted, a surface to be sculpted etc
Keywords:  breadth, width, extended, length
a being extended in length, width, and breadth
Keywords:  wagon, cart, bed, box, vehicle
The bed or box of a vehicle, on or in which the load is placed; as, a wagon body; a cart body.
an individual 3-dimensional object that has mass and that is distinguishable from other objects; "heavenly body"
Keywords:  pottery, piece, material
The material of which a piece of pottery is made.
Keywords:  dough, bake, ready, retaining, enough
the property of holding together and retaining its shape; "when the dough has enough consistency it is ready to bake"
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Yes v3 up IE3+ document body
Any object in the Universe possessing matter can be described as a body. However, the term is most often applied to larger objects such as planets and asteroids.
a collection of statements enclosed in braces
a collection of particulars considered as a system; "a body of law"; "a body of doctrine"; "a body of precedents"
Keywords:  lane, deck, pin, last, feet
The 30 feet of lane between the first 15 feet (the heads) and the last 15 feet before the pin deck (the back-ends).
a group of individuals selected or appointed to represent a larger group when making decisions, or the membership taken collectively.
Keywords:  choice, better
a better choice
Keywords:  extent, quantity, amount
Amount; quantity; extent.
Keywords:  intermediate, strong, cards
strong intermediate cards (such as 10's and 9's).
Keywords:  ribs, instrument, front, back
the front, back and ribs of the instrument
Keywords:  absolute, minimum, officer, get
an officer who only does the absolute minimum to get by
Keywords:  bus, satellite, technical, non, term
The non-technical term for a satellite's bus.
Index Definition: Body Description: Tells the browser where the body of the HTML document is. Style sheets are the preferred method of controlling the presentational aspects of the BODY.
an organism, occupying space and having a definite locality
Keywords:  loop, commands, executed, set, called
The set of commands executed by a loop is called the body of the loop.
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See "Band."
A 3D object composed of vertices, edges, and faces.
Keywords:  machine, building
a machine for building with
Keywords:  begins, code, formatting, ends, page
Begins and ends all formatting code for a page
Keywords:  invest
invest with or as with a body; give body to
Keywords:  living, united, organism
a living, united organism