Definitions for "Braces"
Appliances used to move teeth and jaws into the correct position
Pertaining to an orthodontic appliance that corrects dental irregularities (over crowding or spacing).
a scene in which a female has braces on her teeth.
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Grouping symbols used after the use of brackets; signs { } used to represent a set.
Symbols used to isolate MATTER, particularly in mathematics.
Curved inclusion symbols ({ }).
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Braindead :^)
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Ropes fastened to the yard-arms to brace them about. a security to the rudder, fixed to the stern-post.
The braces on a square-rigged ship are lines used to rotate the yards around the mast, to allow the ship to sail at different angles to the wind.
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(1 definitions) mouthwash
pieces of reinforcing timbers set diagonally between structural members. An arched brace comprises two curved timbers forming an arch.
Reinforcement for added strength for your kitchen cart.
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(leg supports) callipers
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see orthotic device
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Leather straps used to open or close the hood.
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Braces include { and }. They are used to mark the beginning and end of segments or blocks of source code.
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These are the characters "{" and "}".