Definitions for "Blocks"
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Blocks are chunks of fruitwood, most commonly cherry but also pear and apple, which are carved to a shape useful in forming glass and then soaked in water until waterlogged. The steam from the water and the carbon that forms on the surface makes a durable tool. Usually will crack if allowed to dry out. Wooden rods and paddles are also used the same way. Walter Evans makes blocks for many studios.
wooden blocks glued inside the body for strength
tools made of cherry wood to shape hot glass, kept soaked in water.
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Hirate Mawashi Uke (or wa-uke)- Circular block Hajike Uke- Snapping block (appears in Sanchin) Gedan Harai Uke- Low block (Kanchin) Hirate Sukui Age Uke- Double block (Seichin) Shoken Sukui Age Uke- Scooping block (Kanchin)
Used for Flexographic printing. Usually one block is required per colour each side of the bag being printed. Also called stereos, printing plates or "Cyrels", which is the name given by Dupont to their stereo material product. Broadly, blocks cost according to their size, which is dictated by the size of the image to be printed. The blocks are placed on a cylinder which rotates, collecting ink from the Anolox, and place the ink on the substrate.
Blocks are the boxes (or modules) on your front page. You can create custom freeform and rotating blocks, along with customizing the order and content of these blocks using the "Front-Page Layout" item of your Content & Layout menu.
The starting platform swimmers dive off of to begin each race.
The starting platforms located behind each lane.
The square markings six feet from the baseline on each side of the lane.
There are two possible meanings: A square or rectangular area of ground which is dealt with as a piece. A block of soil or other material, about 1" square, used as a module for growing delicate seedlings to reduce transplant disturbance.
The individual, raised rubber-compound segments making up the tread of a tire.
A cut-off segment of the continuously produced flexible polyurethane foam being made by the slabstock technique. In some cases this block would have top, bottom, and side skins intact and have cut surfaces only on the ends. In other cases, the skins may be removed by in-line trimmers, leaving a smooth rectangular block.
The basic unit of most quilts, usually square in shape. Blocks can be very simple, cut from one fabric, to very complex, pieced from many fabrics cut into many different shapes and assembled to make the block design.
(flume blocks) Symmetrically shaped tree trunks cut into thick blocks to be set into the bottom of a flume of running water to collect fine gravels, sand and gold as the water washed over them.
A solid rock fragment greater than 64 mm in diameter ejected from a volcano during an explosive eruption. Blocks commonly consist of solidified pieces of old lava flows that were part of a volcano's cone.
An (Upper Extremities) Nia Move in which you use your forearm to block, in any direction, as if to shield yourself from an oncoming blow.
A database of ungapped multiple alignments for protein/peptide families in PROSITE.
Barriers that mark the inner boundary of the track.
Barriers placed on the track indicating the boundaries around which athletes must skate.
Unsevered units of four or more stamps, arranged at least two by two.
Unit of measurement describing the amount of data RealJukebox reads from your CD. One "block" equals 2 "frames".
Blocks of wood used in conjunction with springs to allow the clearance of the wheels.
heavy lifting mechanism used on rigs to provide a mechanical pulling and running advantage.
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a collection of one or more sectors