Definitions for "Wheels"
WHEELS is a bus service that provides public transportation in Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin, California (which are suburban cities outside Oakland, California).
Wheels Suburban Transportation Services is a system of routes owned by New Jersey Transit and operated mostly under contract by private companies primarily in western New Jersey in Hunterdon, western Somerset, and parts of Warren counties. The fleet consists primarily of minibuses and cutaway vans.
Most of the many wheels in Blake are associated at some level with the gears of a clockwork, suggesting a mechanism like an orrery, but some are charged with other references, such as the eyed wheels described in Ezekiel's account of the creatures Blake called the Four Zoas, or with the spinning wheels of Enitharmon (see weave/weaving/woven).
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Wheels is a popular weekly car and motorbike program on BBC World India. It is produced in Delhi by Miditech Television.
noun, pl. The round spheres on which a skateboard rolls, made of polyurethane, generally sized between 39 and 66mm in diameter.
usually made of polyurethane and sized between 39 and 66 millimeters in diameter; their hardness is measured by durometer, a number ranging from 0 to 100—soft wheels have a durometer of about 85, hard wheels have a durometer of 97 or higher
The Wheels operating system for accelerated Commodore 64 home computers is partially based on (and generally backwards compatible with) GEOS. Wheels grants new abilities to the C64: the ability to play movies and MP3s, graphic web browsing (and limited server abilities), and true multitasking.
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A ballplayer's legs.
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a legacy of chrome wheel innovation
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SKT Attached to the truck - rolling devices which are usually made of urethane. In addition to the standard wheels, there are now those which have a nylon or high-tech plastic on the interior part of the wheel.
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A wheel consists of a hub, rim, and spokes.
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Refers to alloy or wire wheels, instead of standard hubcaps.
"We're on wheels" means the operator in question is in a vehicle.
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Larger stone and steal wheels are fabricated for deep cuts. Copper are used for smaller wheels used for engraving.
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forces that provide energy and direction; "the wheels of government began to turn"
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Round rollers to provide easy movement of a machine or component.