Definitions for "Suburban"
Of or pertaining to suburbs; inhabiting, or being in, the suburbs of a city.
One who dwells in the suburbs.
The area or communities surrounding a major city.
a Chevrolet light truck chassis with a body looking like a slightly steroidal SUV
Used to describe a large closed motorcar capable of transporting passengers and parcels. The term was used as a model name by several American manufacturers, including Nash, Plymouth, Chevrolet and GMC.
A seven passenger model vehicle produced by General Motors.
relating to or characteristic of or situated in suburbs; "surburban population"
Suburban means a geographic area which includes one or more of the following: Lands where a concentration of structures exists Lands on which current zoning allows a concentration of structures Included rural lands
The meaning of 'sub' is, falling nearly in the category of, that is, not quite urban; missing some of the important components to be defined as urban. See urban.
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a big vehicle, big as in heavy