Definitions for "ward"
The act of guarding; watch; guard; guardianship; specifically, a guarding during the day. See the Note under Watch, n., 1.
One who, or that which, guards; garrison; defender; protector; means of guarding; defense; protection.
The state of being under guard or guardianship; confinement under guard; the condition of a child under a guardian; custody.
A division of a county.
A division, district, or quarter of a town or city.
A division of a forest.
A projecting ridge of metal in the interior of a lock, to prevent the use of any key which has not a corresponding notch for passing it.
A notch or slit in a key corresponding to a ridge in the lock which it fits; a ward notch.
a geographically defined Church unit organized to provide every member the opportunity to find fellowship with the Saints and give service to others
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Ward are an electronica duo consisting of David Meme and Richard Williams (from the emo band Calvados Beam Trio).
English economist and conservationist (1914-1981)
English writer of novels who was an active opponent of the women's suffrage movement (1851-1920)
To fend off; to repel; to turn aside, as anything mischievous that approaches; -- usually followed by off.
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a better place to recuperate than a motel
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heir of a deceased tenant who was too young to give military service in return for his lands, and who was therefore entrusted to the care of his lord, who took charge of his possessions until he should come of age.
A minor who is under the care and control of the court instead of the parents.
VirtualDB now Known as WARD is a WEB based Database IDE.Rapid Application Development and Administration on any database/anywhere just with the Browser.
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A section of a double-byte character set (DBCS) where the first byte of the DBCS codes belonging to that section are the same value. According to IBM standards for DBCS codes, there are 190 wards, and each ward has up to 190 points on which DBCS characters can be assigned. Contrast with point.
United States businessman who in 1872 established a successful mail-order business (1843-1913)
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W A R D warrant W A R/ A PB T
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a group that meets together on Sunday
A magical barrier used to keep unwanted beings out of a certain area.
a person for whose welfare you are legally responsible
an achievement given to a person or group of people to recognize excellence in a certain field